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Apr 17, 2006 05:21 PM

DUB Pies - Aussie/Kiwi Meat Pies in CSWD?

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Has anyone tried the Aussie/Kiwi meat pies from DUB pies down on Columbia Street? I received a delivery menu from them recently and was definitely curious about their offerings.

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  1. I think they sell them at Tea Lounge in Park Slope. never had them though.

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      I think they were made to stop selling their meat pies at Tea Lounge by a regulatory body, and so opened their own shop in Red Hook.

      I recall a dire announcement about the feds getting to them, from their website.

    2. I haven't had them, but my partner has and he says they are extrememly tasty. He had the shepherds pie (I guess it is covered with mashed potatoes and cheese) and his coworker had the philly cheese steak. He said the fillings on both tasted exactly the same, but really good!!

      1. I've tried the Shepard's pie and the breakfast roll. Shepard's pie was wonderful, hot flavorful goodness in a pastry packet. The breakfast roll was "eh". Not great, but i'm not a fan of warmed over eggs. I will say that they have the BEST Cappucino and Latte's on columbia, And the attitude is twenty times better than Margaret's next door. Why is her husband so mean?

        1. I've had the steak pie and the chicken and vegetable pie. I thought the steak was better. Also don't be fooled by the size, they are quite filling. Wanted to try the lamingtons, but they were out of them.

          1. You can find far far better versions of the same sorts of items, with free wifi and australian beer/wine at Tuck Shop in Manhattan (see link below, and please discuss it over there, 'cuz this is the Outer Boroughs board).