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Apr 12, 2006 10:39 AM

Baci & Abracci - new in Williamsburg

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Anyone been yet? Do they have just pizzas or other stuff?

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  1. The menu has antipasti, primo (pasta), and secondi (meats and seafood) courses, as well as a pizza menu. I am told the pizza over was brought over from Italy, for what that may be worth. I don't think anything tops $20 but most of the secondi courses are in the high teens. Pizzas in the

    I haven't been yet, but friends have on two separate occasions. word is the pizza is good, the rest of the menu is fine but a bit pricey for just being fine.

    both complained that the acoustics are horrible and make for a very loud meal, even by williamsburg standards.

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      we went on Saturday night. the food is pretty good -- the foccacia, specials and pizza was particularly tasty, but a bit pricey. also, the noise level was nearly unbearable. there was a large dinner party of 12 at the front of the restaurant and the noise filled the room. I would return...but to sit in the back garden which looked lovely.

      1. re: marge

        We thought the food was delicious. Had the stuffed zucchini, eggplant and mushroom and for the main entree, the lamb in red wine. MM good. Great dessert, it was a burnt cake with pistachio filling inside. they didn't even have a name for it yet it was so new. The owners came over and chitchatted for awhile. Very friendly and made you feel welcome. I agree with the above posts, though, too pricey. I'd go again for the food/experience, but prices would keep me from going too often.