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Apr 9, 2006 03:33 PM

Ghanaian food. The Bronx? Brooklyn?

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Where can I find good Ghanaian food in new york? I don't know anything about this cuisine, but would like to learn. Are there any Ghanaian communities in Brooklyn or Queens, or are they all in the Bronx?

I tried visiting on of the restuarants Sietsima recommended in one of his 100 cheap chow lists, but either it was closed or I couldn't find it. Place was called God's Time is the Best.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Not too far from Yankee Stadium and the Grand Concourse is a neighborhood with a tremendous African community. On a side street there, you will find an authentic Ghanian restaurant, whose name appears in an old Chowhound thread (go to chowhound's home page and do a classic search using the keyword 'ghana'). There, a lovely woman prepares fresh food of Ghana, including foufou, jollof rice, kenke, etc. She does a nice squash soup and a grilled fish. There is a dining room in the back and her prices are very reasonable. My son, who spent five weeks in Ghana, was very impressed with the food's authenticity.
    Sorry I don't remember the name, but it was right off Third Ave. just a block and a half from the subway.

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      I had a very good meal at Aziza, on White Plains Road in the Bronx. WHile the Voice calls it Nigerian, I think most of the dishes were Ghanaian - I had fufu and kenke and a fantastic fish dish. I thought I'd hate the fermented starches but they definitely grow on you.


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        Could be one of the places in this thread ...