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Apr 7, 2006 10:36 PM

new restaurant on cortelyou?

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Anybody know anything about the nearly-finished restaurant on Cortelyou between Stratford and Westminster in Ditmas Park?

I've heard that it is to be called "The Farm on Adderly," that it's vegetarian, and that it's Patois-related (Alan Harding?).

Any of these things true?

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  1. All I know is it will be a bar and restaurant. The owner is a neighborhood resident and it's name comes from a street in his hometown in S. Africa. I don't think it will be vegetarian but he says that ingredients will come from local farmers. The website doesn't have much info yet but there's some work in progress photos.

    1. Yes, this is what's up: Tom Kearny formerly of Sweetwater in Williamsburg is opening the all-farm to mouth restaurant set to open on June 17. American Reigional best describes, and given the sourcing and extent that they have gone to bring make this a local local local. Tom is deft and creative, and surely will be making a splash in the wine and food pairing dept.