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Jul 13, 2003 04:57 PM

Wat Buddhanusorn-Thai Temple in Fremont

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Wat Buddhanusorn, 36054 Niles Blvd (@ Rock Ave), Fremont, CA 94536. 510-790-2294. We finally got around to trying this place. Wat Buddhanusorn, it's kinda hidden on Niles Blvd behind trees and in a residential neighboorhood. The parking lots was full, so we made a crazy turn into the 7-Eleven parking lot across the street. It was getting full too, as it was almost 11am. The temple starts selling food from 9am-2 or 3pm. One guy told us 10am is the perfect time to go there.

There are flowers and baskets for sale in the front next to the Temple, but the food is in the back yard. They have a good size selections of different dishes, not as big as Thai Temple in Berkeley. There are many areas to eat your food-in the tent or out further in the back-some shaded areas.

They sell tokens here too-1 token for $1. We spent $35 for two of us, with left-overs for dinner.

3 chicken skewers for 3 tokens. Very tasty w/ good peanut sauce

Seafood noodle soup-4 token
tasty, but too sweet tasting for Ben

Steam fish in banana leaf-3 token
steamed perfect, beautiful presentation, tastes of onion,ginger, lots of fresh flavors, think she said it was monkfish.
highly recommended

chicken curry over rice-3 token
very tasty, lots of basil, chicken, eggplant

bbq pork
good-not dry at all

fried chicken over rice
chicken kinda dry even though fresh out of the fryer
not recommended

sweet roti-dessert 2 for 3 tokens
very fresh, hot off the grill w/ sweetend condensed milk and sugar. Loved it.
highly recommended

Will be going back for more. Still many things to try-didn't try the pad thai or papaya salad but they looked good.


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  1. Great pictures and review. This place is definitely bigger than the one in San Bruno and closer to my place. That monkfish looked awfully good. Actually a lot of things there looks great. What a gem. What are the days (I got the hours) when they have the feast like what you're having, if you know ? I will check it out soon ! Thanks.

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      I think it's only Sundays. I went there today 7/13/03.
      You can also call them: 510-790-2294

    2. Arlene, thanks for posting on this Thai temple and for the great pix! I was part of the group that visited the temple in San Bruno a few weeks ago - it was great - now when we get back from vacation later this month I'd like to take a ride over to Fremont! The chicken at the San Bruno temple was delicious and not dry, at least not to me. Your shots of the roti look like they might be better than those in San Bruno - I can almost taste them just looking at your pix! thanks again for a great report.