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Apr 2, 2006 07:46 PM

Best Falafel in Queens?

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A friend asked me where we can go for middle eastern, especially falafel. Can anyone point us in the right direction? We would like to do lunch sometime this week.
Thank you all.

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  1. Hand down best is Hapisgah (glatt kosher)in Kew Garden Hills, Union Turnpike..They are Jewish from Iraq actually......falafel nice and green inside---great fried spicy eggplant salad, too---make sure you ask for hot sauce..and oh, the hummus with mushrooms very good also...very popular place, but very mellow at lunch time, and nice atmosphere..........inexpensive lunch specials as's their website:


    1. I really like On the Grill which is in Forest Hills on Queens Blvd on the same block as PEter Pan Bakery (yuck) sorry I don't know the exact address or street but my guess is it's around 66th Road or so - it's 2 blocks west of Knish Knosh on the same (south) side of Queens Blvd. They make their own pita bread on site, great falafel, nice hummous if you want in the falafel, also killer homemade hot sauce. Good swarma too and a slightly nicer atmosphere but still competitive cheap falafel prices.

      1. My favorite middleeastern/turkish is Mangal Express in Sunnyside. Absolutely the best meze in all NY. Great flat bread (baked on premises). Not sure if they make falafel (never noticed), but if you're into meat, aidana kebab and gyro are the best (but if you're vegetarian, trust me the meze is worth the trip). They also have great vegetarian soups. Very cas place - perfect for lunch.

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          I agree that the kebabs, bread and dips are quite good there, but the falafel isn't really anything to write home about FYI

        2. The Turkish Grill, 42-03 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside (north side of QB). Great falafel, and great food in general.

          1. Ali at Kebab Cafe makes a great falefel. With lots of coriander and fried in olive oil, his falefel sandwich is delicious and cheap. Technically takeout only. But if you go for lunch, he's barely open yet and you can probably sit there at eat it at your leisure. I think he opens at noon, in theory... but I wouldn't show up till 1 or 2 pm, to be on the safe side. His right-hand man Luis is usually holding down the fort at these hours.

            25-12 Steinway St. Astoria.