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Mar 27, 2006 04:40 AM

best sicilian (square) pizza pie in ny/nj?

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[NOTE: This thread is from 2006 and has been recently resurrected. -- The Chowhound Team]

so i've been to a bunch of places in ny and nj over the years and would like to see what others here think. fyi i think 90% of the sicilian pizza out there is below average or flat-out atrocious but generally trust the judgment of all you guys, so i'm really curious to hear what you have to say.

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  1. c

    Without a doubt the #1 sicilian slice can be had at DiFara's on Ave J in Brooklyn.

    Since this is the Tri-State board I'll add that Umberto's in New Hyde Park makes a great Grandma slice.


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      Not even close..Rosa's 69 street Maspeth

      1. re: frankie

        Rosa's is complete drek.

      2. re: CornflakeGirl

        I whole heartedly agree! DiFara's is #1. Dom is a rare interdimensional shape shifter. He is actually from another universe. They have brough precious pizza secrets here to help us. GO THERE.

      3. c

        Sorry! Flipping from bard to board this early can do that do a girl.

        So if you're ever on the island check out Umberto's.

        1. hands down: difara. it's unbelievable.

          1. L & B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn - I drive all the way from New Jersey just for their square pizza!

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              As someone on a hunt for Square Pizza, i have to say, if you are in New Jersey get a square pie from Santillo's in Elizabeth.. I stop in get a large pie and freeze the slices.. right now I have L and B and Santillo's in my freezer.. L and B does not even come close when compared side by side

            2. overall, it has to be di fara's...just the most delicious piece of pizza ive ever had.

              next up is l&b...amazing but in a totally different way. i hear they use beer in their dough.