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Mar 24, 2006 01:49 PM

Ici - Recs?

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Made a res at Ici -- any must-eats? Thanks!

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  1. I've eaten at Ici's, and I was very disappointed. Overpriced. The steak was edible. That is the best I can say of the place.

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    1. re: planehead

      I agree. Ici was a huge disappointment. Cancel the reservation and go to Al Di La in Park Slope instead.

    2. Overpriced, loud, underwhelming, and inattentive service--Ici, time for a reality check. Look around at your competitors: Franny's, Al Di La, the Good Fork, Applewood, even Stone Park, and take a few notes.

      And, nothing pisses this diner off more than no salt and pepper at the table. Even Per Se has salt & pepper at the table. No chef can presume his or her seasoning will please everyone. The Ici icy wait staff will deliver on demand, but they remove the pepper and salt mills moments after use to transport to other tables (and shouldn't this be an indication that their diners are asking for it every time?). C'mon, people, how lame is that? My wilted dandelion salad was tough and chewy, and the knife was so dull, I looked like a cow chewing cud trying to eat it. Not pretty. Nice ambiance, though.

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        I was very satisfied with my dinner at Ici this weekend: cockles in a lime butter sauce, skate with collard greens. Dining companion had scallops. White loire by the glass was crisp and fruity.
        No complaints about the food or the service. Noise level was a bit loud, but it was Saturday night at 9 PM and it isn't Le Bernardin.