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Mar 19, 2006 04:48 PM

Best Chinese take-out/delivery in the Slope

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I usually order from Schezuan Delight, but they haven't been that great lately. I need a new place...

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  1. Just a few posts below, a vote has been put in for Red Hot (although there are dissenters, me among them even if I didn't post).

    There is also an overall fondness on the board for Hunan Garden on Union, and I've found Hunan Wok to be ok, although it's been a while, and really, it may just be that I am fascinated by the Spicy Crispy Beef which is less a meal and more meat candy.

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    1. re: Lizard

      We usually oder from Andy's, but took a chance on Hunan Garden on Union ST. I thought it was terrible! The food looked and tasted bad, just a lot of sauce, and had tons of MSG. I'll never order there again. Andy's is superior.

      1. re: ASW

        I've found Hunan Delight on Union and 6th Ave to be the best Chinese delivery in the area, by far.

        1. re: JP

          Oops, that's the one I meant. Is there a Hunan Garden too?

          1. re: JP

            Any feedback on Hunan's veggie menu? Looks enticing, but, oh, how looks can lie in this particular instance...

            1. re: JP

              Do you have any recommended dishes? (I know absolutely nothing about Hunanese food...) Thanks!

            2. re: ASW

              Where is Andy's? Never heard of it. Unusual name for a Chinese place.

              1. re: michelley

                Andy's is on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. But I have to disagee (respectfully) with ASW -- Andy's is pretty awful.

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            Peter Cherches

            I've lived in the Slope since 1987, and I haven't found a decent Chinese restaurant yet. I wonder if any of the real Chinese places in Sunset Park deliver as far as the Slope.

            1. Nobody has mentioned Tofu on 7th Avenue. I recently started using them again (after I finally abandoned Red Hot..ugh). We ordered Singapore Mei Fun and they were, by far, so much better than any I've had in the Slope in memory. Anyone have any other experiences with them?

              1. I live right around the corner from Tofu and love ordering food from there. I think the flavor is great and it seems/feels less greasy than the other chinese food take out in the slope (and elsewhere).