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Mar 19, 2006 12:29 PM

Anybody know what's happening with Montelone's in C. Gardens?

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Their phone is disconnected and they were closed the last time I swung by (very unusual).

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  1. Big sign in the window about reopening soon as a merged venture with Cammareri's (that spelling cant be correct). I hope the mini pastries are still there.

    1. I walked passed this yesterday and they had a sharp awning up and the inside looked about set. I imagine they are going to open in a few weeks. I dont know anything about the former bakery as in if it was any good but its a nice addition on that side of the block. Its on Court between carroll and pres for those who dont know.

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        they have looked near ready for seemingly months--I've been amazed that they didn't open for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years--which would seem to be a strong time for a bakery to do business. But, now it's lit at night and there's a sign--recent progress, and the display cases are no longer covered up, so maybe they will actually open soon. And, it's actually between Union & President, on the east side of Court Street.

      2. Yes your correct if it was where I said it would be on the park.

        1. It finally looks like they are in the "home stretch". Earlier today, there was a bakery supply truck delivery lots and lots of stuff, the lettering is on the windows, and the display cases look clean enough to be ready for filling. I just hope their chocolate chunk cookies are as good as before the "sabbatical".

          1. Word is the official open to the public grand opening party is the beginning of Feb, but likely to open doors before.