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Must Eat In Astoria/Queens?

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I just moved to Astoria at the beginning of Feburary and I'm curious of where the essential digs are? I feel like I've scoped out all the good stuff already... but as I've not been here long figured I'd double check on where the best places for food are. I don't care much what kind of food... whatever you favorite places are for REALLY good food. Price can vary. I feel like I haven't found enough to make my palette happy yet. hehehe...

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    Astoria Lurker

    Trattoria L'Incontro (Ditmars & 31st st) - Excellent Italian, try any of the game specials or the grilled octopus app

    Brick Cafe (31st ave & 33rd st) - Nice neighborhood cafe, fresh pasta specials are the best choice

    JJ's (31st ave & 37th st) - Best East Asian in the neighborhood, great sushi, small intimate vibe

    Thai Pavillion (30th ave & 37th st) - My favorite Thai place, there are a few other recs as well, tons of great stuff here, my favorite are the vegetable dumplings app

    El Potro (Broadway & 43rd st) - My top Mexican, very cheap, no atmosphere, loud jukebox but great food, great carnitas and chorizo tacos

    Ponticello (Broadway & 46th st) - Very good Italian, not as good as L'Incontro

    Piccola Venezia (28th ave & 41st st) - I haven't been but receives much praise here

    Le Sans Souci (Broadway & 44th st) - Great French bistro

    Ploes (Broadway & 33rd st) - My top Greek in the area, but there are many others

    Sabor Tropical (30th ave & 36th st) - Excellent Brazilian, I haven't been to the others but in general I think the Brazilian places in Astoria are top notch

    Himalaya Tea House (31st ave & 34th st) - Nice tea house with some Tibetan dumplings and soups, great for after dinner tea or just to relax

    Sorriso (30th ave & 44th st) - Italian deli, great cheeses, sandwiches, heros etc, some prepared foods and homemade cured meats

    Beer Garden (24th ave & 31st st) - Outdoor beer garden, in the summer they have amazing grilled kielbasa, in the winter its a bar + restaurant

    I probably could think of more, but that's all for now, I'll let others chime in

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      You forgot -
      Kebab Cafe - the best food and the best host possibly in all of NYC

      1. re: hungryastorian
        Astoria Lurker

        Yeah I really need to go there! I suppose the fact that I am not a huge fan of middle eastern cuisine is keeping me away, but sometimes I just have to suck it up...

        1. re: Astoria Lurker

          Keep in mind that Ali does not make typical, traditional Middle Eastern food. He is a student of all types of food. If you like fresh food with lively taste, especially Mediterranean, you'll find something to like there. Some things are his take on traditional Egyptian, but others aren't.

          1. re: JH Jill

            no no no!!! that place is horrid! i hate kebab cafe. my food came out completely black and charred. not worth it, not at all!

            1. re: besmircher

              Although I started this thread a long time ago, I figured I'd check in on it. I have had Kebob Cafe many times now (nowhere near enough). You had one bad experience that's holding you back from a world of exquisite food. Really is excellent.

      2. re: Astoria Lurker

        Another missing link on your awesome list

        Lil' Bistro 33

        They serve awesome... French/Japanese/American fusion food.

        We just had brunch there yesterday and it was Scrumptious.

        I highly recommend the truffled eggs with salmon in a pastry shell. Though the crab cakes (with goat cheese) were mighty fine as well.

        I think lunch and dinner have been pretty thoroughly discussed elsewhere around here. Brunch is relatively new. But don't waste time searching this board - just get over there. It's on 36th Ave and 33rd St.

        1. re: hungryastorian

          Lil Bistro is moving to Ditmars, I believe somewhere west of 31st.

          1. re: melon

            That's downright exciting! It was a tad to far for regular visits as it was.... but now it will be around the corner. <3

            1. re: dranore

              Where on Ditmars? I've been meaning to try Lil Bistro...

              1. re: CeeBee

                Here's the website, with new address:
                A promising-sounding creperie is moving into the old 36th Ave space.

                1. re: Brikka

                  Eugh, 19-33 Ditmars Blvd? That's over near the park. That's not convenient at all.

        2. re: Astoria Lurker

          Le Sans Souci is closed, anyone know where they went? I only ate their 3 times but loved it.

          1. re: Jim P

            They close down after the chef left. He opened a place somewhere on the north shore of Long Island. Port Washington maybe? Here's the thread about it:

        3. For some reason Malagueta on 36th Avenue and 28th Street is consistently overlooked as one of the best restaurants in Astoria/LIC. Brazilian food (not churrascaria) lovingly made, with fresh ingredients, reasonable prices, attentive service and a very mellow atmosphere with cool music. And of course there's the passion fruit mousse.
          I'm moving to California in one month and pizza and Malagueta are the only two things I will miss. Enjoy Astoria...

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          1. re: RonS

            Not overlooked. Jim Leff wrote in April 2001 "I'm pretty sure this is the best Brazilian restaurant in the tristate area" I visited it finally last year, wrote a rave post, and got many supporting replies.

            1. On the negative side, I'd avoid Bardolino's on Broadway - after a third bad meal recently I've discarded them from my list - wayyyy too greasy and horrible heartburn afterwards, overpriced and tiny servings - buy a jar of Ragu instead. Brick Cafe is like 2 blocks away and worlds better...

              1. lil bistro 33 has moved to ditmars blvd.

                le sans souci has also closed.

                1. I object to L'Incontro. It's just horrendously pretentious and ridiculous. They put mascarpone on EVERYTHING including shrimp. The murals look like a Greek coffee shop. YUCK.

                  Piccolo Venezia is very old fashionned...you feel like you've stepped into Donny Brasco, so it's no surprise most diners are in their 50's & 60's. You got to favor red sauce and high prices. The service and host are incredibly nice and the drinks HUGE. Great wine list, just not very imaginative or delicate food.

                  S'Agapo at 34-21 34th Avenue. A greek restaurant serving the cuisine of Crete. All the movie people go there as well as a great group of local artists and interesting people. It's has a kind of casual South of France, Mediterranean chic about it without putting on any airs. GREAT owner who greets everyone and knows you intimately after 2 visits.

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                  1. re: nymegan

                    I object to your characterization of L'Incontro and PV. I have eaten at L'Incontro many times and I think I remember 1 or 2 dishes over the entire span that had mascarpone cheese and in neither case did I feel it was in bad taste or "pretentious and ridiculous". Their food is always fresh and well prepared, and they often have interesting things on the menu like ostrich and fresh wild boar sausages that you cannot find anywhere else. In addition, their wine list is great. No, it's not traditional NYC Italian and I like that because it's more true to actual Italian flavors and methods. I'm not going to argue about the atmosphere in L'Incontro, it's not great unless you are at certain tables, but it certainly is much better than a "Greek coffee shop". It seems like you have some kind of personal vendetta against this place after only visiting it once.

                    As for PV, it is a very poor characterization to call it "red sauce" because it is a very Northern Italian place. They have a few token "red sauce" items on their menu (actually, I challenge you to find me 1 on their menu: http://www.piccola-venezia.com/Menu/P...) but a majority of their stuff is Istrian or Northern Italian in origin. Things like gnocchi with gorgonzola and osso bucco tortelloni would never appear on the menu of a NYC "red sauce" joint. Have you ever actually eaten there?

                    S'Agapo is good but over-priced, the food at Agnanti is just as good and S'Agapo charges 25% more, without the beautiful location on the park.

                  2. I know it's not the best Greek...not by far. But you must visit Uncle George's, 34th and B'way, it's an Astoria institution. And much of it is quite good, authentic homestyle taverna fare, served with an attitude. Good people watching to boot.

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                    1. re: halfstaff

                      TOTALLY DISAGREE sorry:(
                      place is a dump
                      food is horrible

                      1. re: pcorntail

                        I answered your other post, and felt compelled to post in defense of Uncle George's. I agree with Halfstaff - it's an institution. And I had a friend from Greece visiting NY and when we took her to UG's she felt right at home - she confirmed that it was very authentic. I only order off their Grill menu - bbq-d lamb, kokoretsi and lamb head. I love their side of peas. It's not the place for stereotypical mediterranean fare that is supposed to be light and good for heart etc. - it's hearty artery-cloogging good homecooking.

                        1. re: pcorntail

                          To say that Uncle George's is a 'dump' is to completely miss the entire point.
                          And it's just silly to use a word like 'horrible' to describe something so subjective as food.

                          U.G. isn't a place you'd take business clients to to impress them. It's not going to end up in 'Pretentious Foodie' magazine, either.
                          It's a good meal, at a good price. That's it.

                          The service is non-existent. They take your order (sometimes after a long wait, if it's busy), and you never see them again, unless you wave your arms like a mad person. But you don't go there for service. You go there for the BBQ pork and lemon potatoes.

                          1. re: potatomato

                            I apologize if the word "horrible" offended anyone but i really feel that way
                            I've only had bad experiences there.
                            Now as for the kokoretsi: When my father prepares kokoretsi it takes forever
                            You must buy the intestines and turn then inside out and soak them in vinegar in order to clean them This takes away any bad odor and anything else that doesnt belong there
                            Many greek people have had kokoretsi there and all agree that it smells and tastes bad coming to the conclusion that maybe it's not prepared properly
                            Again no offense to anyone it's just MY OPINION .

                            1. re: pcorntail

                              Their kokoretsi doesn't smell or taste bad. The above-mentioned friend from Greece had told me how laborous it was to make it, and she like UG's one. Maybe I was lucky?

                            2. re: potatomato

                              food an uncle george's is horrible. I 2nd .

                            3. re: pcorntail

                              Yeah, this is like the very worst of Greek Restaurants in the neighborhood...it's the Tad's Steakhouse (old 14th st. location to boot) of Greek Restaurants. Tasteless. Filled with tourists from outside the neighborhood. Small. Yucky food.

                              Uncle George's
                              33-19 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106

                          2. Zenon Taverna, 34-10 31st Ave., between 34th and 35th Sts., 718-956-0133.
                            Very tasty Greek Cypriot food. Casual ambience, very friendly service.

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                            1. re: Cara1

                              My wife actually had her bridal shower at Zenon back in 2001...she grew up in Astoria, and it was really quite good. (She's Greek-American and we moved to San Diego five years ago...there are so many things we sorely miss from the old 'hood! Not to mention the City...SD is beautiful, but rather boring. And it's full of toasty conservative types. But I digress...)

                              Try Zenon, it's good!

                            2. i love sac's pizza on 29th street and broadway (or thereabouts). try to duck in for a slice at least! they cook their pizzas in a coal fired oven- can't beat that!

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                              1. re: besmircher

                                do they really have a coal oven? Those are few and far between in NYC, as it's illegal to put a new one in, so you have to find one already in existence.

                                If it's truly coal, I'll have to try it. How are the cheese, sauce, and crust? It would be a shame if they wasted a coal oven on inferior ingredients.

                                1. re: missmasala

                                  Yes, it is coal. I think the pizza is great, a cut above the majority of the places in the neighborhood.

                                  1. re: besmircher

                                    I agree, my personal favorite pizza in Astoria although it does have it's detractors.

                                    1. re: eca

                                      I like Sac's a great deal. It's way too expensive for what you get IMO, and the service has been spotty each time I've been. But the flavor is fantastic. I've also recently become enamored with Rizzo's Pizza at 30-13 Steinway Street. It's wonderful pizza. Though quite different from Sac's.

                              2. I can't believe no one mentioned Mundo (32nd St and Broadway)

                                1. Holy crap. Half of this just got deleted somehow - of course the good half. Oh well. I'll try to redo. EDIT: Aaaaand the entire most mysteriously disappears... glad I saved it. Guess I'll break it apart.

                                  I'll reply to my own thread just over one year later to make some comments about my experience here so far with food. I've tried a great many of the suggestions here now - I'll comment on the ones I've tried. There's a peudo order of importance going on in this list:

                                  My Favorites:

                                  Fatty's Cafe - <3 Excellent. This is my favorite place in Astoria. Very laid back atmosohere and chill music. The brunch is an excellent value on weekend. I pretty much ALWAYS order the cubano (which is reallllllllly good) and sometimes with sweetpotato fries, but I always taste my girlfriend's entres, and I've liked everything I've tasted. The burgers are great as well. The grilled cheeses are suprisingly good as well.

                                  JJ's - Really a GREAT experimental asian restaurant. Primarily Japanese inspired dishes. The fluke appetizer is the best thing that I've ordered. It's delicious. Sushi is excellent quality. A little on the expensive side for a full meal, but I feel you get your money's worth.

                                  Mundo - I hand eatten here for almost a year untill last night, and it's really a great little restaurant - I'd forgotten how much I like it. Nice atmosphere. Friendly, welcoming staff. The menu is eclectic and versitle featuring a menagerie of dishes from all over the world. The vegetarian options are a feature and not an afterthought. The trukish meatballs and the milanesa are excellent. Also, the red sonja are quite good. I really should eat here more. Just a great little place. They update their menu diligently and do special dinner nights. Highly recommended.

                                  Kebab Cafe - Enough has been written here about this place. It's great. The falafel plate is really tops. I wish I ate here more.

                                  Los Amigos - VERY unassuming mexican place. I LOVE it. Very good food. Fresh chips, fresh salsa. The guacamole is delicious. The tacos are good and cheap. I order the cecina quesadillas pretty much every time. The cecina (salted beef) tacos/quesidillas/anything are good. This place is VERY VERY inexpensive and the food is fresh and delicious. I haven't had El Potro enough to compare... but I don't feel the need to make the trip because this place is so damn good. It's also open till the AM, which is great.

                                  Rizzo's Pizza - Just got a flyer from them recently (apparently they just started delivering). The thin Scicillian pizza that they're 'famous' for is extremely good. It's very differet from alot of other pizza. The crust is very good. Really the best pizza I've had in NY so far IMO - though not NY style pizza.

                                  Italian Bakery??? - Theres a small bakery right next to the drug store on the corner of 35th and Ditmars that has EXCELLENT personal portion deserts for dirt cheap. Mini mango raspberry creme tart, mini cheese cakes (oreo and plain I believe), and mini fruit tarts are all excellent (there are more I believe). There are full portion deserts as well, but these little ones are a fantastic deal. You'd easily pay 2x-4x as much in a restaurant for these things. Really worth checking out. Very nice staff. The place is VERY unassuming, but well worth your time.

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                                  1. re: dranore

                                    The Good:

                                    Lil' Bistro 33 - I wasn't hot on my entre last time (tofu steak). It was good. But the flavor was just too intense for an entre dish. I'm excited they're moving up to just around the corner. This will definitely be getting more patronage from me. Everything else I had was good, if not a bit pricey. Would like to try their brunch. Looking forward to it.

                                    Sac's - The brick oven place mentioned below. Very good. Too expensive. Pleasant but spotty service in my experience.

                                    Cup - Is a nice little diner down near the movie theater, so I often go after a movie. It's bright and clean and has a nice well rounded big menu. Every thing is on the good side of okay. Nothing exceptional. However, I'm a repeat customer so it's definately decent. Service is generally friendly and good.

                                    Watawa - The sushi place I frequent the most. The fish is reasonably good quality. They try to do some fusion stuff instead of being a fancy-ish american-japanese regurgitation, which I respect. However, they're not of the caliber of JJ's. I've had almost everything on the menu. The blackened tuna appetizer is fantastic. The white tuna tataki is interesting as well. My girlfriend loves the volcano roll. Really goddamn annoying, but the ONLY soda they stock now is Coke, because apparently keeping a few cans of Sprite or Ginger Ale in back was too much to deal with. :P (my only complaint really, which is certainly good) Service has it's ups and downs. Green tea is free if you ask for it!

                                    Go Wasabi - Not as good as Watawa overall. The fish isn't quite as good I find. I miss the cartoons they had on when it originally open. Was a nice touch. The vegetarian options are interesting and some are very good: the veg gyoza for example. Certainly a good option if you want some japanese food and your vegetarian, because they have way more vegetarian options than most american-japanese restaurants.

                                    El Potro - Quite a trek from me on foot, but was really great. Went there on Cinco De Mayo last year. Had the chorizo tacos. They were fantastic. Would like to go again.

                                    Modern Bakery - The fancier bakery further east on Ditmars. I haven't been crazy about the sweets I get from there. They're certainly doing well (or going in to massive debt) because they always have new equipment in the store when I walk by. Everything certainly looks good in the window, I'll give them that.

                                    Brooklyn Bagels - Very busy on weekends. People are stingy with the tables. People sit way longer than they should and keep people with food from sitting and eatting. Good bagels. Good creamcheeses. Whatdoya want? It's a bagel place.

                                    Malagueta - I know people here love it, but they're menu just doesn't have much that appeals to me. I've had a steak dish that was interesting a couple times. It tasted good.
                                    The restaurant is good, but I never crave it. Though my girlfriend liked her food ALOT.

                                    Mikes Diner - The greazy spoon diner I frequent. Open all hours. Has some suprisingly good food and weird abscences from the menu. For example: A reuben wrap, but no sandwich? Same for a philly cheese steak? Qua!? Que!? What!? Anyways, it's what it is, and I like it for what it is. Bigger menu than cup, but less focused. Pretty much a list of everything they can make.

                                    1. re: dranore

                                      General Thoughts:
                                      I'm sure there's some lovely place that I'm forgetting, but that's what's coming to me off the top of my head. There are a couple other decent places whose names I can't recall as well. Perhaps I will amend this later. I could definitely go into detail on each of these, but in the interest of brevity I kept it short and to the point.

                                      I'm sad Emac and Bolio's closed up here on 31st. That's a huge loss. I'm also sad that the McDonalds here just reopened. I was hoping the fire had actually killed it, but sure enough it's grown back :P I hope in the future Astoria gets more eclectic/fusion places like Lil' Bistro, Fatty's, and JJ's. Just restaurants trying to do their own thing rather than rehashing standard ethnic restaurant recipes. Doesn't need to be fancy places, just places with interesting and delicious food. :) I should be asleep. Perhaps more later.

                                      1. re: dranore

                                        dont be sad about emack and bolio's. just call coldstone on broadway----they will DELIVER---free. enjoy.

                                        1. re: dranore

                                          Emac and Bolios was amazing, they had the best ice cream. i used to love the pumpkin pie triple thick malts, there is still one on Houston Street and West Broadway i think.

                                          1. re: dranore

                                            718 on Ditmars Blvd / 35th street is quite good but a little pricey

                                            718 Restaurant
                                            3501 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105

                                        2. re: dranore

                                          re: (Italian bakery) great
                                          i think you're talking about ST. HONORE its not on a corner but it is between 35 and 36 streets on ditmars blvd

                                        3. Agnanti is by far the BEST GREEK restuarant in Astoria. the moussaka is perfect and fresh, the swordfish kebabs bring tears to my eyes. the staff is warm and make you feel right at home.

                                          1. If you're looking for good Irish food, hit up Cronin and Phelan at Broadway and Steinway. Best Irish food in the city, and the best bartender I've ever met, Dave C. The guy is legendary. Not only is he a great conversationalist and bartender, he does some truly incredible magic. No joke here. Many of the Irish bartenders I know in Astoria eat here before they go to work for the night. You will not be disappointed.

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                                            1. re: jonnymac

                                              Jonnymac, I've always wanted to stop in there.

                                              Do they have fish n chips on the menu?

                                              1. re: jonnymac

                                                You are SO right about Dave and C&P. I lived in Astoria from the mid '90s to '02 and spent more than a few nights hanging at the bar, watching the games, enjoying the food, Guinness, and Dave's conversation. And the magic tricks! Yes! Great pub, great memories.

                                                1. re: DBrooks

                                                  is this the bar that was recently closed by the health department?

                                                  1. re: Cail

                                                    Cronin and Phelan, on the SW corner of Steinway and Broadway...really?

                                                    Is that true??

                                                    1. re: DBrooks

                                                      It it the one that advertizes the Tuesday Wings usually? If so, then yes, one and the same. Otherwise I'm not sure, i forgot to check when I passed by the other day. It could have reopened since.

                                                    2. re: Cail

                                                      I think that was Mary McGuire's, the one with OTB inside.

                                                      1. re: hatless

                                                        Now THAT I can believe...I remember that hole pretty well. But I'd be very surprised if it was C&P.

                                                        1. re: DBrooks

                                                          it was Mary McGuires. sorry about that. I always forget there are two over there. silly since i pass that block at least twice a day...

                                                2. Hemsin, on 39th and Queens Blvd. (Sunnyside) -- excellent Turkish
                                                  Yamakaze, on the same block -- great, inexpensive sushi
                                                  Aliada, on Broadway in Astoria (I forget the cross street) -- solid, inexpensive Greek
                                                  Donovan's, in Woodside -- delicious, old-school burgers

                                                  1. Cafe Bar on 35th Ave and 36th St. Much more eclectic and laid back than the euro-flashy cafes on 30th Ave with really great mediterranean and greek food. the requisite frappes and hummus, but they have a great brunch (try the cypriot breakfast with greek sausage), and it's a fun place to hang with a group on a hot day with a mint lemonade and play scrabble.

                                                    1. I would highly recommend Cafe Triskell on 36th Ave between 33rd and 34th St. It's a tiny place, easy to miss, but they serve real french crepes and they are amazing! Their prices are also quite reasonable. Their website is cafetriskell.com.

                                                      1. Created a list of most of the places mentioned here as I am moving to Astoria and wanted a handy list reference. Thanks for the suggestions ahead of time and please update anything that is no longer open.


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                                                        1. re: John_Keenan

                                                          add Agnanti...I like it better then most of the Greek in Astoria, and it's setting is wonderful right near the park.

                                                          1. re: Widmark

                                                            I totally diagree! I have been there a few times and this last time, this week, I have to say that it was my last time. I think for a few choice things (the mushroom dumplings perhaps) I would not recommend this restaurant. The service stinks. If you sit outside anywhere near the air condtioner, it's noisy and the water drips right near you. Everything tastes rewarmed. Even the greek salad was just so so (though the feta was excellent). I would rate this D and it's not that cheap.

                                                            1. re: katenyc

                                                              i agree, tried also a few times, and was never impressed and thought it was expensive, too.

                                                              1. re: janie

                                                                yeah, i was at agnanti once and it totally rocked. the appetirzers were delicious. I've been back 4 timnes, spread apart, and all I ever got was rude attitude from that owner girl and greasy food. But then my Greek neighbor says it's the best greek in the neighborhood. I think he at there early on, before that rude owner girl got really nasty and poisoned the food too. I think it bites now. But the corner view of the park is very nice and it's out of the hustle and bustle of junk like Uncle George's, no? It is fairly expensive for this part of Astoria. Maybe I'll try it again some day if that rude owner girl stops rolling her eyeballs

                                                          2. re: John_Keenan

                                                            Just my 2 cents - This is an "old" thread in restaurant time (chefs change, mgmts change) -

                                                            Whoops! Just saw that you started a fresh thread - Good! Happy eating!

                                                            1. re: fredid

                                                              Sorry, new thread is here:


                                                              I compiled the listings of this thread into a list b/c when you start a new thread, there is always some guy who says, "why don't you do a search of Chowhound yada, yada, yada"

                                                              1. re: John_Keenan

                                                                "You might want to do a search of this Board". . .in this case a girl :)

                                                                Thanks so much for compiling the list. We are always looking for options beyond Kyclades (where we eat the most) in Astoria.


                                                          3. what about the Afghan Kebab House? love it

                                                            1. Pork chops at Nuevo Jardin on Broadway rocks!
                                                              No great sushi in Astoria yet.
                                                              Chicken Rice cart on Broadway and 30th St. is great!

                                                              1. Telly's Taverna has the best grilled fish. It's an outstanding Greek restaurant.

                                                                Aegean Cove is another great choice for Greek.

                                                                All other Astoria Greek restaurants are distant thirds.....

                                                                Piccola Venezia, Trattoria l'Incontro and Ponticello are all fine choices for Italian.

                                                                Christos for steak also is very good.

                                                                Piccola Venezia
                                                                42-01 28th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

                                                                Trattoria L'Incontro
                                                                21-76 31st St, Queens, NY 11105

                                                                Telly's Taverna
                                                                28-13 23rd Ave, Queens, NY 11105

                                                                46-11 Broadway, Queens, NY 11103

                                                                Christos Steakhouse
                                                                41-08 23rd Ave, Queens, NY 11105

                                                                Aegean Cove
                                                                20-01 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11105

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                                                                1. re: JudgeZ

                                                                  am I the only fan of stamatis. i kind of think there food is excellent for the price

                                                                  29-09 23rd Ave, Queens, NY 11105

                                                                  1. re: JudgeZ

                                                                    Sanford Restaurant (www.sanfordsnyc.com) are creative and reasonably priced, everything there are delicious, from bread, salad to entrees! check out the Japanese food mart (Family Market) at 2915 Broadway, a few stores south while you are in the neighborhood.

                                                                    Gowasabi - www.gowasabi.com has fresh and good variety of sushi

                                                                    30-13 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106

                                                                    34-02 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

                                                                    1. re: starferry

                                                                      agreed. banana caramel cheesecake xangos are one of the best things i ate last year

                                                                  2. My faves in the neighborhod are Bahari, Arharn Thai, Rioja and El Bouqueron for Tapas. I am Italian so I generally do not go out for that, as it is way too easy to duplicate or better it in my kitchen. The Sushi from Osaka is fantastic, but I usually have it delivered as the house itself in nothing special.

                                                                    El Boqueron
                                                                    31-01 34th Ave, Queens, NY 11106

                                                                    31-14 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106

                                                                    Arharn Thai
                                                                    3205 36th Ave, Queens, NY 11106

                                                                    La Rioja
                                                                    33-05 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106

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                                                                    1. re: divacooks

                                                                      l'Artiste is very good, although their service is not quite polished. Would definitely go back.

                                                                      4220 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11103

                                                                    2. Falafel King of Astoria! i love the mixed platter over rice. it's better than 53rd and 6th and sammy's in my opinion. i think it comes with very seasoned dark meat chicken, lamb, sharwma, and 1 falafel on top of rice and salad.

                                                                      King of Falafel & Shawarma
                                                                      Broadway 30th St, Queens, NY 11106

                                                                      1 Reply
                                                                      1. re: daffyduck

                                                                        53rd and 6th has gone so down hill it's not even funny.