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Mar 17, 2006 01:49 PM

Good Butchers in Bay Ridge

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Anybody have suggestions for good butchers in Bay Ridge? I'd be interested in a good fish monger in Bay Ridge too.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Frank & Eddie on 3rd ave at 75th and 86th are good everyday butchers; lots of stuff already packaged but will cut anything you want if you ask.
    Higher quality and price is Piazza Mercato on 3rd past 92nd. Very nice meats, as well as make their own sopressetta and other itailian goods
    And i bought a great leg of lamb at a Greek grocer on 5th around 85 called Hellas; can't vouch for their other stuff, but they're certainly real butchers.
    Chef With Sole on 3rd near 87th is only good fish place around, really. Not a huge selection but great quality, service, prices on par w/ 7th ave slope spots -- guy knows his stuff & loves his work.

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    1. re: scout

      I am moving from Park Slope to Bay Ridge and I would never shop at the 7th Ave fish places- don't consider the quality good at all. In your description of Chef with Sole, were you using "7th Ave" as a euphemism for quality, or did you really mean that they are on par? Cause if the latter, I would not go!!!

      1. re: carfreeinla
        David in Bay Ridge

        You're right, the fish places on 7th Ave in PS, not too good. Best in Brooklyn is probably Fish Tales, on Court St. Chef with Sole was originally an extension of that business. I am unclear about all the details, but it was called Quarterdeck at that was sold to someone who died shortly thereafter. I think it is his brother who owns/runs it now. I think Fishtales stands alone in the top tier for Brooklyn, but these guys are on a short list for the level under that.

        1. re: David in Bay Ridge

          Fishtales was opened by Larry Tramontano. Shortly after about 2 years he hired our cousin to be a partner. That Partner is John Addis. Larry and John has problems with ideas so John bought my uncle out- and John took over Fishtales. My uncle Larry then opened up quater deck on 86th st and 3rd ave in bay ridge. He died February 12, 2005 from cancer.

      2. re: scout

        there is also at least one fish market on 5th as well - Id say you have a better shot at getting good fish in Bay ridge than Park Slope given the local clientele.

        there are also a number of halal butchers on 5th to try.

      3. When Bay Ridge was essentially a Norweigan neighborhood there were many great fish mkts.
        Now your best bet is to head over to Brooklyn's Chinatown, 8th Ave bet.60th-50th St. If you wish, you can literally choose your own live fish. Several places have the fish tanks right there!
        Also, somewhere between 55th and 60th is an excellent Butcher. My friends rave about the quality of the meat, especially the ducks, chickens and the pork.
        Word of caution: Don't even think about being
        able to park there on the weekends!

        1. Meat: B and A on 13th Ave and 82nd or there about. Dyker Heights but not far.

          Fish, don't know name but 18th Ave and 85th St, on corner.

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          1. re: enjoli

            enjoli - thats seabreeze fish market on 85th st, thats a great store real fresh fish, the owners were fisherman in castallemare del golfo in sicily. the best butcher/pork store/ salumeria in brooklyn is def Frank and Sal's Salumeria on 18th ave and 80th st

          2. I shop at Chef With a Sole a few times a month. His selection is fantastic, products are of highest quality and the guy that always seems to be there is really helpful. I doubt you'd find a better store anywhere near Bay Ridge.

            1. I'd like to reupp this thread.

              Anyone have any good Bay Ridge(area) butchers to rec?

              I love Faicco's in Dyker Heights but they don't carry enough of a variety.

              Thanks much!

              6511 11th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219

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              1. re: chickenrisotto

                Cosentino's for fish. 3rd Avenue and 72nd St. Family place, fresh, good quality stuff. What type of meat do you want that you can't find in Faicco's, Piazza Mercato and Frank and Eddie's. You can always ask them to order for you. They'll probably do it.

                6511 11th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219

                Piazza Mercato
                9204 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

                Cosentino's Fish Market
                6927 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

                Frank & Eddie's
                7502 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

                Frank & Eddie's
                302 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209

                1. re: chickenrisotto

                  A&S Pork Store on 5th between 86th and 87th. The nicest people, everything is always fresh and delicious and the prices are right on.
                  Unfortunately, Chef with Sole has closed down :-(

                  A&S Pork Store
                  8614 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209