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Mar 15, 2006 06:11 PM

Jonathan Forgash - Film Chefs - LIC

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So an Astorian blog is yapping about Film Chefs near Silvercup Studios. I did a little research to find out this guy knows his stuff and has opened up an unnamed Southern/Cajun Cuisine Take Out Joint.

Has anyone tried?

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  1. all i can can say about the place is that passing by it often enough i was intruiged to want to check it out from close up, but lost interest when i peaked inside. it's a gut feeling. i think the alaskan crab truck outside the LIC silvercup studios is alot more interesting.

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    1. re: gastronaut

      I also work in the area & the place is pretty good - I used to go often for custom made salads & great meatloaf but last time I went they got rid of the custom salads & only offered premade salads from the fridge & premade snadwiches - nothing I really liked.

      BUT, what I really want to know is what is this alaskan crab truck you talk of?

      Details please

      1. re: David

        i've seen it a few times on 22nd parked in front of the silvercup studios along with other catering trucks

        1. re: gastronaut

          Is he there just catering for inside or can we off the street buy something?

          Have you bought?

          What does he sell?

          1. re: David

            First off, FilmChefs doesnt serve alaskan king crab in anything so the preoccupation with that truck is irrelevant to the cafe.

            Secondly, the cafe's limited hours are the inevitable result of a homegrown catering business that's primary business is to service production companies on-site. Additionally, the neighborhood is very industrial and shuts down early.

            Having said that, it is the food that takes center stage. The fact is that you will not find a larger or more diverse menu in the entire neighborhood. They serve hot lunch entrees. Sauteed spinach? Breakfast burritos? Apple pie? Fried catfish? Its all here. We're not talking about a Boar's Head bodega or deli with lawn chairs. They have daily specials. One word: Gumbo!! Where else along 21st street are you going to find food this fresh and inspired?

      2. re: gastronaut

        I've been going on occasion since they opened the shop - although some changes have been made in the past year it's still the same food. Nothing is prepackaged that I know of. The only thing in the refridgerator is bottled drinks (ice cream in the summertime in the freezer) so I don't know what that other poster is talking about.
        If you haven't tried it yet - DO - the food is the best in that neighborhood by far. Dont go for the atmosphere (it's basic) - DO go for the food.

      3. Been there a bunch of times, since I work nearby. Was going almost daily when it first opened. There has been some minor changes to the menu and setup of the store since he opened. The food is good. Since there is not much to choose from in walking distance it seems to do ok. Call first, sometimes he is closed during lunch.

        1. I just went to Film Chefs for the first time this week. The menu consists of primarily sandwiches and salads (I think there are a few soups as well, and desserts), most of which sound delicious and are reasonably priced. There was no way I could choose between the cubano or the catfish po'boy, so I sighed and ordered both.

          They both lived up to their appetising description and were delicious. Both came on ~foot long rolls - one alone would satisfy a hearty appetite. The cheese on the cubano (which is not pressed, btw, although the bread is hot and crispy) was melted through perfectly, the roast pork was just right, and the garlic mayo rocks. The only thing I might change is ordering it with extra hot peppers next time, but I think that's a personal preference. As for the po'boy - well, the freshly fried catfish was probably the best I've ever had, and the tartar sauce complemented it quite nicely. My husband was the lucky recipient of my indecision that evening, and both remaining halves disappeared in short order.

          Despite what some previous posters said, I saw nothing that was premade. My sandwiches certainly were not. I'm really looking forward to going back.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Can anyone provide hours of operation? I'd like to visit, but sounds like Film Chefs is only open during the workday and during the week? Thanks!

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              1. re: jesuki1

                11 to 7 Monday through Friday


                1. re: squid-kun

                  Anyone knows how the food selection is around 5-7pm before close? Is it totally raided and not so fresh food sitting since lunch time time? Thanks.

                  1. re: welle

                    Anyone know what happened to this gem of a place? Sounds good!

                    1. re: fcara

                      I believe they're still there, just don't do retail anymore. Strictly catering.

                      1. re: welle

                        Filmchefs sold the restaurant 2yrs ago and moved their Movie catering operation to another space.