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Mar 14, 2006 12:00 PM

Where can I find the best Cannolis??

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I know that there was a post on here a while back about someone who had the best Cannolis in Queens, however after searching I came up with nadda, lol. Co-worker's birthday and she has requested yummy Cannolis, any help would be fantastical, anywhere would be fine too :) Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Here is the link to my post before. I suggest calling in advance, not sure it's full-time storefront, or special orders only. Please report back - I've only been once. TIA


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      Thanks a bunch Welle :) I thought it was out there, I am not sure I will be able to make it out as I do not have a car, however the person responsible for getting them may want to take a tool out there, I will pass on to her and if she does I will def. report back to you, once again thanks!

      1. re: Vin C

        If you're unable to get too far out in Queens, I always liked the cannolis at Gian Piero Bakery in Astoria. It's at 44-17 30th Ave just before 45th Street.

        1. re: Jonah
          Astoria Lurker

          I will second Gian Piero, I live right nearby and often grab one. I'm not sure if they are the best in the city but they are pretty tasty.

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            The cannoli at Sicilian-owned D'Aquila Bakery on Francis Lewis Blvd. in Bayside are stellar. They are made fresh and the shells are extremely crisp. Unlike many cannoli, the filling is not cloyingly sweet. Their Sfingi di San Giuseppe are also a relevation.

            Madonia Bakery on Arthur Ave in the Bronx also has noteworthy cannoli- made fresh to order.

            1. re: lisa
              Quentin Chiappetta

              This place sounds great.... would you have an address or a cross street? I would like to trek out there

              1. re: Quentin Chiappetta

                In the Bronx, next to Patricia's restaurant on Morris Park Avenue, which, incidentally, is worth a visit, is a bakery that makes cannoli fresh and are as good as they come.

      2. re: welle
        quentin Chiappetta

        I made the trek to annaMia's- It's a very sweet place (pardon the pun) but their cannoli are not traditional if that matters to you- no ricotta in the filling-- cream cheese and sour cream make up the base (I asked), and they are in a baked shell- or more like a waffle (pizzelli??)- they're good but they are quite different. Gian Piero has more traditional ones as does Terrazzi, also on 30th ave. east of Steinway. In Williamsburg, I always loved the ones from Fortunato Brothers on Manhattan Ave.

        1. re: quentin Chiappetta

          yeah, i wasn't totally sold on the ones from AnnaMia's either. I like a lot of things from Fortunato bros, but i am not crazy about their cannoli either. I have liked the ones from Rose & Joe's in Astoria on 31st and Ditmars

      3. I post this in a loving and supportive tone: cannoli is already plural. You're looking for the best cannoli, or, possibly, the best single cannolo.

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          Thanks for the g-lesson, lol! Although, you did not offer any suggestions on where I might be able to buy cannoli......but I think I have my bases covered for now....thanks anyway :)

        2. La Guli on Ditmars. Members of the originating family have taken the store back over.

          1. Excellent cannoli can be found at Court Street Pastry in Cobble Hill.

            Very fresh, made daily, chocolate and vanilla $1.50

            1. villabete in bensonhurst.


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              1. re: josh L

                Didn't like the cannoli I got from them a couple of weeks ago--the filling tasted slightly spoiled.