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Mar 10, 2006 01:36 PM

Good Scone in Queens

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Anyone know where to get a good scone in queens? I live in FH, but will travel for scone.

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  1. Geez Louise, I was just going to post the same question on this board.

    Besides your average dense ball of sweet/savory from any ol' bakery, does no one have a good call on scones in Queens? Do tell!

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    1. re: PlomeekSoup

      i've had a decent scone from aubergine. i think i like it b/c it's on the smaller side, not simply a big fat chunk of dough. i don't know if it's worth taking a trip to sunnyside for, as i may also partially like it b/c it's in my neighborhood.

      in forest hills - does that bakery next to nick's pizza carry scones? i forget the name, is it bonnie's or something? their pastries and cakes tend to be consistently good, perhaps they carry scones.

      and, my favorite bakery, lulu's in fresh meadows - i do believe they carry scones, but i am a big fan of their muffins and stick to those. i can't remember honestly if they do or don't carry scones, but you can always give them a call. their pastries are also very good!

      1. re: Linda

        Thanks for the LuLu's suggestion: they have a raisin "tea biscuit" that had the flavorings of a scone, but it was much lighter in texture. Definitely a decent scone!

        1. re: Linda

          Okay, I went and tried Aubergine and loved both their blueberry and cranberry scones (better than LuLu's raisin tea biscuit, for sure). Thanks so much for the recs!

        2. re: PlomeekSoup

          If only we could convince Amy's Bread Store (3 Manhattan Locations) to open a fourth one somewhere in Queens. I LOVE Amy's Scones especially the Blueberry and the incredible Muffins & Breads.

        3. don't laugh, but the ones at Stop and Shop on Union Turnpike in Forest Hills/Glendale are really good...also, their muffins are great..pistachio, bananan walnut, cinnamon,--they have containers of blueberry scones, and others that they put out daily..go in the morning...they are in the bakery area to the left when you go in...the best grocery store in the area if you're not familiar with it....CLEAN and well time to go is early morn to late morn..stay away on weekends, it's completely depleted....also, great because they're open until, very convenient...and parking lot too....and Starbuck's inside as well..................

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          1. re: janie

            If you eat 10 mini rugelach from V&V on 61st st. really fast in a row, it might approximate scone-ness

            I got nothing.

          2. Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights probably has the best scones in Queens now - I think they buy from a catering company, but that catering company is really really good. Good scones, good cookies, good sandwiches, and the best coffee in NY. Cute atmosphere and scene. They are a little anal about wifi, but I guess they are trying to be fair.

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            1. re: thinthukgirl

              the scones there are AWESOME -- and i am thrilled that they nod to the savory. right now, they have a rosemary-walnut-parmesan that's out of this world. there's a pancetta/gruyere at times that also kicks butt,

              in terms of wifi, i realize i am a dinosaur in some ways, but i'd never DREAM of presuming that ordering a cup of coffee would entitle me to loiter at a coffee shop for three hours.

              does anyone -- in the real world -- presume that they can hang out for two hours after dessert at a nice restaurant, or even a diner for that matter? why should a coffee house be asked to make itself into a three-dollar-a-day office space for folks seeking to flee their apartments??

            2. Too bad Canelle doesn't do scones, they're the best bakery in Queens, and probably New York.