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Mar 9, 2006 12:28 AM

Real Indonesian ?

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Anyone know a good REAL indonesian place? NOT Malaysian NOT a mixed asian menu? and not borobudur.


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  1. I've never been but Upi Jaya Restaurant at 76-04 Woodside Ave, Elmhurst was favorably reviewed on chowhound many months ago. I have friends who went and they enjoyed the food.

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    1. re: Mike V
      Astoria Lurker

      There was a recent Times article about a sort of fued between two Indonesian in Elmhurst.


    2. Both Upi Jaya and Minanglasi are excellent. The menu is a bit more extensive at Minangasli, but the atmosphere is more pleasant at Upi Jaya. Both places are authentic and are patronized largely by nationals. There is also a third Indonesian restaurant on Whitney Ave. that I haven't tried.

      Upi Jaya
      76-04 Woodside Ave.

      86-10 Whitney Ave.
      718 429-8207

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      1. re: Suzanne

        I've been to Upi Jaya three times and enjoyed each visit very much. The owners are sweet people who go out of their way to make you happy, and that's not hard, because the food is outstanding. I love the modest ambience too, almost like being in their home.

      2. I recently went to Upi again after being dissatisfied the first time with their Rendang months before. Nothing has changed, only the Rendang is more dry that the previous time. They serve small portions for slightly above average food and charge you way too much for Indonesian. I went there thinking that the first time was just a fluke since there are so many good positive reviews here. I was also unhappy with the service since I specifically asked her if the rendang was moist and juicy and was told it was. It came out like beef jerky. Then the lady told me that another dish would be moist and juicy and told me to try that instead. My husband and I didn't touch the rendang since it was very tough and waited for the other beef dish. I don't even remember what the dish was called, but all I can say that this one was worse. It seemed that the owners just nuked it after it was frozen for months. That’s how it tasted like. It was obvious my hubby and I were not happy with this one also and guess what, we got charged for both beef dishes. Charged for two beef dishes that we barely touched and she recommended both of them. I then told the lady that I was not going to pay for both and to be honest she seemed deceptive. Like she was trying to see if I wouldn't say anything about the two dishes on the check, she wasn’t surprised nor insulted rather like she was waiting for me to say something. I don't know about you but is somebody recommends a dish and is obvious that the person is unhappy with the dish, the courteous thing to do is take that first one off the check at least, especially so if it wasn't even touched besides the first bite.

        I would never go back even though their gado gado is yummy. If you are wondering about our knowledge about Indo food, hubby is part and grew up eating it all his life. Minanglasi has better service and the price is more inline with the cuisine unless it super swank.

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        1. re: kittyslair

          I think they have the best Sumatran Authentic Rendang in New York.
          The sumatran rendang is dry, and it takes a lot of work to make it dry like that.
          I lived in Indonesia for 30 years, Upi Jaya is the best Authentic Indonesian restaurant in NY. I admid that they don't have good service, but the food is so incredible delicious. You can't find any Indonesian Restaurant like Upi Jaya.
          The second one is Minang Jaya, they have a good service.
          But Bali Nusa Indah, they are not good for Indonesian food. They mixed it with Western taste.

        2. the only real indonesian food that was similar to what i had in bali was a restaurant in hell's kitchen, the name of the place slips my mind right now. it was great and also recommended by indonesian friends.

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          1. re: Linda

            You must be thinking of Bali Nusa Indah, which is pretty good.

            I had good food in Bali too, but food as prepared in Bali is different than Javanese & Padang, and I think the places in Queens are reputed to be more authentic along those lines (I haven't tried them yet).

            The real great thing about eating in Bali is that Balinese Hindus love pork.


          2. I find Bali Nusah Indah to be quite bland. My favorite Indonesian restaurants are Minangasli and Mie Jakarta on Whitney Ave in Elmhurst, followed by Upi Jaya.