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Mar 5, 2006 11:13 AM

Great food at Brasilianville Cafe and Grill

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Acting on Steve's tip, I made my way to the Brasilianville Cafe and Grill (43-12 34th Avenue in Astoria) yesterday.

Salad bar with some typical salads and caasserole type dishes, though - besides a little kale salad and potato salad, I skipped in favor of the feijoada. There's a window where you can order BBQd meats - I opted for small servings of choricuo, skirt steak, and pork. Along with a can of guarana, it came to around 8 bucks.

First off - the feijoada was the best I've had in the city. The meat was perfect, the flavor deep and the texture of the falling-off-the-bone variety. With some farofa, it was perfect. I should have gone back for seconds.

From the grill, the skirt steak was a little salty but really good. The choricuo wasn't the best choricuo I've had, but what it lacked in flavor it made up in expert grilling. The chunks of pork were spicy, juicy, and really tasty.

All in all this place is an absolute gem. No idea if the feijoada is a Saturday only affair as it is at most Brazilian places around town. I'll definitely be back. They have a couple of kinds of beer (Brahma included) and were quite crowded when I got there at around 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon. (There was only one table remaining when I sat down.)

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  1. finally tried this restaurant for lunch today. i was VERY impressed with the freshness and quality of the food. steam tables were hot and food was perfect. everything i tried was top notch. the feijoada was delicious, farofa, pasta, potato salad, beets, green beens, some sort of AMAZING corn pudding (i could have eaten the whole tray), vegetable casserole, shrimp in a yuca thickened sauce, chicken in a cream sauce....all good.
    top it off with a guarana and football on the tv and i felt like i was back in brazil.

    all for $8

    highly recommended. next time i'll take less savoury and try some of the desserts. :)

    1. I'm always too full for dessert there, but I've had their prunes and coconut cake cpl. of times - it's really good and very interesting.

      1. The skirt steak isn't ready yet, the guy said. I like it extra rare, I replied. Well then, it's ready for you! So I got a delicious thirteen ounce skirt steak for $5.80!!! Then I topped it off with a pound of black beans. The steak was excellent, marinated in wine, I think. Yes, on a good day in La Portena or Esquina Criolla you could do better -- for three times the price. The beans were great too -- vegetarian feijoada, I told myself -- but when I went (8 PM) everything else at the buffet was stuff I'd pay NOT to eat.

        Brasilianville is open at noon every day, till 9:30 Mon thru Thurs, later on weekends, slightly earlier on Sunday. Feijoada is Thurs and Sat only And if the gritty neighborhood looks familiar, it's because they filmed Spiderman here. Spiderman didn't really live here, a kid at a nearby shop said when I asked, they just made the movie here.

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          Brian, I don't know what day you went, but South Americans tend to eat dinner late and everytime I'm there (mostly on weeknights) the place doesn't start filling up till 8pm. And the food seems fresh and they bring out fresh batches around that time. I've never been there that late on weekends - maybe that's when you got less desirable stuff?

          Had no idea Spiderman was filmed in Astoria - Spiderman lived in Woodhaven, that stretch of Astoria doesn't look like Woodhaven at all...

          1. re: welle

            I went at 8 PM on Monday night. The steak was so good that I didn't care that I didn't see any appealing buffet selections. Apparently they did use one shot of that bodega down the street in the first Spiderman movie.

            1. re: welle

              I think Sunnyside as well - in my mind's eye I can see Tobey/Spidey running up a side street, toward the distinctive facade of the elevated 7 train on QB.

            2. re: Brian S

              what is it about the neighborhood that makes you call it "gritty"?

            3. hmmmm i tend to prefer buffet type restaurants for lunch. i think they are always at their freshest this way. or if they close and reopen for the beginning of the dinner service.

              everything looked straight out of the oven when i went on sunday. very fresh and delicious. you missed out on the corn pudding, brian!!!!;)

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                I think you're right about timing. I sure wouldn't go at 8 PM on feijoada day and expect to get any! But I'd sooner eat a pound of steak than a pound of corn pudding... and they're almost the same price!