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Feb 27, 2006 01:46 PM

Thai Austin-Goooooood Eats :)

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Hi Everyone,
I thought I would let my fellow hounds know that we went to Thai Austin on Saturday evening, arrived around 9PM and the place was dead, one two top and us (4), I was then a little sketched about it, would the food be good, so on and so forth. Well I must say it was out of this world. I will also say it was not like the famous (S) restaurant we all know and love, however the prices were decent, service attentive, and food presentation were superb. We ordered many different apps, we shared. Fried tofu (standard yet good), friend Thai rolls (yummy and great dipping sauce (standard)). I ordered the Shrimps wrapped in wheat noodles, came with a delish cucumber salsa, I also ordered the Mussels app and it was oh so YUM, five different flavors in your mouth all at once. I had the standard but tasty Thai salad, except they do not use egg (too bad, that with the peanut sauce is always tasty), salad was HUGE!! For my main I had the Massamum Curry Chicken and it was just right. My friends had the Steamed Tilapia (good, a lil' dry though), Pad Thai (good, yet different then any I have tried before) and a beef dish (cannot remember the name of it, looked yummy though, lol).
The menu is not huge, however they have the standards which are all done superbly and maybe if we all start making visits they will add some specials. Beer is limited to Thai beer, however the house Chardonay (sp) was quite good and large for $5

Thai Austin got eight thumbs up......way up!


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  1. Vin, yes it is good. I posted a lunch review on 2/22. Sure hope business picks up.

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    1. re: Mike V

      thanks for the heads up. i look forward to checking this place out. i hate that there's a huge line at the S place now and am always on the look out for new places.

      i also thought thai pot on queens blvd had good prices and pretty decent food. it was also empty when we went and we were concerned about the food quality, but it was surprisingly good.

      1. re: Linda

        Yes, one of the friends I was with actually said she preferred the Pad Thai at Thai Pot over Thai Austin, we will probably check that one out next as well, lol. Maybe we should start calling Forrest Hills, Little Thai, although Bon Thai (correct name??) is a little pricey for the amount/quality and such.

        1. re: Vin C

          I don't think Bann Thai is very good, although they have a nice atmosphere.

          1. re: Kerry

            Has anyone ever been to Star of Siam on Metropolitan Avenue near the Cinemart movie theatre? That was pretty good too.
            The free dessert was from an ad in the local newspaper.

            1. re: neenee

              My husband and I used to live near Star of Siam and didn't realize how good it was until we moved. We live closer to Thai Pot now which is decent but not as good.

              1. re: Jennifer

                The Thai Pot is disappointing. Very bland.

                1. re: hema

                  I live in Forest Hills and have sampled from all of the Thai places cropping up:} I prefer the pad thai at Thai Pot hands down- it's the first pad thai that I can eat the entire serving given because it's not weiged down with too much peanut sauce- it's perfectly balanced and actually (perhaps deceptively!) tastes healthy. For favorite Thai place at the moment in Forest Hills however goes to Bangkok Cuisine on 70th Road- it's somewhat more fusion but very delicious food- I particularly like their steamed coconut rice in banana leaves. My only question is- when will we get some vietnamese or korean? :}

    2. I was there too on saturday (around 7:00). not packed, but had a good amount of people. It was so good. also had the shrimps wrapped in whole wheat noodles. i had green chicken curry - good and my boyfriend who is not a big thai eater had some shrimp thing which was so good. the complementary dessert of banana spring rolls and fried icecream was good too. and really reasonable prices. so glad for this recommendation.
      what (and where) is the "S" place that you all talk about?

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      1. re: neenee

        You got free dessert??? What the....., :) lol. I just hope it catches on quick.
        I also think the place looks bigger from the website and the music could have been a little lower as well as the lights, but hey it's all about the food.

      2. Do they do take-out? Delivery?

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        1. re: was

          yes - but it's a $15 minimum for delivery. $10 min for credit cards.

        2. Decided to try out Thai Austin on a Saturday night -- arrived around 8:30pm, there were 5 or 6 other parties there. As an appetizer, bf & I shared the Koong Sarong (shrimp wrapped in crispy wheat noodles w/ sweet and hot sauce), which we LOVED but we wished we ordered two because the dish only came with 3 shrimps. For the entrees, we had the Nuer Yang (Broiled marinated sirlion steak/ asian vegetable / thai eastern dip) and Ban Mee Moo Deang (Roasted pork over with steamed egg noodles / scallion / garlic /
          asian vegetable). The steak was great! The noodle dish was OK but I would try something else next time. We decided to splurge on dessert -- an order of Fried Ice Cream AND an order of Thai pancake with bananas & strawberries. Both were good. Our only complaint was that the service was SLOW, but the food was enjoyable. Final opinion: great place for dinner for two for under $50. We'll definitely go again.

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          1. re: KareBear

            Went there last night based on everyone's recommendation. There were three other parties in there at the time, but it was past 9 p.m. on a Wednesday, so it wasn't surprising. I thought the interior was tasteful and somewhat modern, but it felt like you were eating in a corridor seeing that the space was so long and narrow.

            Anyway, two other people with me, and we ordered three appetizers to start: Koong Sarong, Curry Puff and Thai Austin Dumpling. As Karebear indicated, the Koong was really good, with three fresh jumbo shrimp wrapped in fried wheat noodles. That dish wasn't spicy at all. The curry puff tasted like a knish but with a curry taste. Very good. The pastry was nice and flaky, you could tell it wasn't taken out of the freezer. The dumplings were good, but not outstanding. I would order something differently next time around.

            For dinner, we ordered the Siam Duck, the chicken Thai Classic with Kaffir lime leaves, and the tofu duck jungle Thai curry. The duck was outstanding: skin outside was so crispy, the meat inside was tender and moist. Be forewarned, all these dishes are very spicy, and the duck was no exception. I didn't try the chicken dish, although my friend said it was very good, but very hot. The tofu duck was not bad, but I wasn't amazed by the jungle curry sauce. All three dishes were served with really fresh vegetables and fresh basil, which added to the meal.

            My two friends each got a Thai Iced Coffee and Iced Tea, which I tried, and which were outstanding. The bill for three of us came out to $73 with tax and tip, which I found to be a good deal seeing that the food was really good and really fresh.

            Here's the website for the restaurant:

          2. This thread is outdated but Thai Austin is very good! I had dinner there with a friend Monday night and had a very satisfying meal. We ordered a seafood salad as an appetizer Yum Salay, I think it was called, basil beef, and the Thai fried rice. Everything was so fresh and the flavors were bursting without being overwhelming. I asked for fish sauce and the waitress brought out the real stuff: fish sauce with little fresh chilies. I used to only get this from Sri, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

            This was actually my second visit to Thai Austin and now I'm thinking, why haven't I been going more often. Portions are big enough to share, service friendly (maybe a little slow but I'm ok with it) but most important food is fresh and tasty. Great neighborhood place.

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            1. re: moymoy

              I'm so glad to see this thread alive again. I love this place. We go for lunch a few times a month and I'm always afraid it's going to close because we are usually the only ones there. I'm glad to read a lot of people go for dinner. I always get the green curry. It is so flavorful. I vary b/t chicken and the vege version. I do try to get other things but when it comes time to order I always go back to the green curry.

              1. re: esyle

                Me too, I want this place to stay. It's so much better than Bann Thai. I think their dinner crowd is bigger but Queenites please give them a try.

                Ooh, next time I have to try their green curry!

                1. re: moymoy

                  Thai Austin has never been crowded in all the times I've been there. I do prefer Bann Thai to it, however. Bann Thai and Bangkok Cuisine are good for eating in. TA simply doesn't have the atmosphere for me. But they are first on my list for Thai take out.