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Whole Foods-type store in Queens?

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Wondering if there are any stores like this?

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  1. Hi, while not exactly a Whole Foods in terms of having fresh meats and fish, there's a great health food store in Queens, called the Queens Health Food Emporium, which is huge for a healthfood store. It's on Horace Harding, which is the side road of the LIE, between the 164th Street exit and Kissena Blvd. exit. They have great breads, cooked foods made there, and huge frozen section, as well as fresh produce.....

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      Thank you! I wonder if it's accessible to public transportation...

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        i think the Health Nuts also has a branch in Bayside

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          The closest subway stations are about 2 miles away, but there are lots of buses nearby. You can take the Q17 from Flushing (about a 10-15 minute trip) or the Q88 from Woodhaven Blvd on the R (20-25 minutes) to 159th St and Horace Harding. The Q17 runs more frequently than the Q88, especially on weekends.

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            how helpful, thank you :-)

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          Just want to jump in and say I just went to Queens Health Food Emporium and it was amazing; really huge store with all the usual organic snacks, juices, products, vitamins, etc., but I went for the bulk grains/nuts and found the prices excellent; 99 cents a pound for amaranth, $1.29 a pound for various types of oatmeal, $1.29 a pound for kasha, etc. and they do have quite a selection of cooked foods, small grocery dept. huge frozen food section. hard to get to by bus probably but ya, pretty neat.

          Queens Health Emporium
          159-01 Horace Harding Expy, Queens, NY 11365

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            How is it compared to health food stores like Westerly or Integral Yoga in Manhattan? Is it worth that long trip? I'm not interested in supplements or produce but in non-perishables like bulk bins item stuff and drug store items like shea butter.

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              if you're in manhattan, then integral is your spot for sure; equals.

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                Thanks! You just saved me a whole load of time!

        3. The nearest real Whole Foods to Queens is probably the one in the Time-Warner complex at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. If you take the last car of an "N," "W," or "R" train to the 57th Street station, you are only a quick walk away. I go there often from Sunnyside, and it usually takes about 10 minutes, including a transfer from the "7" at Queens Plaza.

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            Thanks, I know that :-) But what about in the borough of Queens?

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              10 minutes is very optimistic coming from Sunnyside. Depending on the time or day one could easily wait 10 minutes for the 7 and 10 minutes for the N train. Time in a subway car is probably about 10 minutes and the T/W Center is a 5 minute walk from 57th Street. I used to work near Columbus Circle and my rush hour commute from Sunnyside was a reliable 35 minutes (including picking up coffee).

            2. There is a store called "Natural" (I think) in Forest Hills. It's on Austin and Ascan. It carries groceries and a selection of meat--I'm not sure about fish. It's a decent size store, but nothing like Whole Foods. It is very accessible to public transportation, the F, E, V, R or G to 71st Ave, Forest Hills.

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                Yes this place has an amazingly wide selection of stuff, good quality. The ultimate Korean grocer. No fresh fish but lots of smoked stuff. Decent selection of organic produce.

                The 75th Ave E/F station is actually a bit closer to Ascan than the 71st/Continental station.

                I have heard rumors about a Whole Foods opening in Forest Hills in a future development, but would really rather support a small business like this one.

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                  The rumor is either Whole Foods or Trader Joes but it's in the opposite end of Forest Hills in the same complex as Home Depot and Sports Authority on Woodhaven Blvd and Metropolitan Ave. Nothing has been signed and it will be years before the site is cleaned and anything is built.

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                    There is construction at the site on Woodhaven Blvd. and Metropolitan Ave. There wers major rumors that it would be a Trader Joe's, but neither Trader Joe's nor Whole Foods has that site listed as a future store.

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                      another chowhound thread has the following link to the developers website. apparently the space will have a trader joes and a staples on the ground floor and a michaels on the second floor.


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                        I really hope it's true. I emailed TJ to ask but got a canned reply referring me to their website, so who knows. I am tired of driving to Scarsdale...

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                          The Hellgate CSA has a grassfed meat selection, along with lots of other great ingredients. We haven't been disappointed with anything. Unfortunately the CSA has sold all it's places this year, but you may still be able to participate in the monthly meat items. If you email, they'll be more than happy to help.


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                            Thanks for the excellent suggestion.

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                            Actually there is no Trader Joe's or Whole Foods opening there. It's going to be some stupid chain craft store called Michael's and a Staples (like we need another one of those). *sigh*.

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                              Trader Joe's is not coming afterall? An earlier post states that the Michael's and Staples will be also be at this location, but I thought TJs was a definite go as well. What happened?

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                                Trader Joes will be on the first floor, along with Staples. Michaels will be on the second floor. Scheduled to open in September.

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                                  Really? Well that's good to hear. I passed that building a few days ago and while is is extremely large, the Michael's sign is so big it makes it seem as though it's the only place opening there. That makes me so happy to know TJ's is coming to Queens! Thanks!

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                                    I emailed TJs to see if they would open a wine shop there, and they cant- only allowed one license per state they said, but they told me they planned to open in September at that location

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                      I agree. Natural on Ascan and Austin is the most like WF. But I'd place it closer to a Garden of Eden or Citarella. Also there's an Amish Market at Atlas Park now.

                  2. Believe it or not, Waldbaum's seems to be trying to compete with Whole Foods with their newfangled "Fresh" name/branding (found in Bay Terrace).

                    While they don't have much in the organic realm, they've started to stock the basic alternafoods (tofu, soy ice cream, decent cheeses, "ethnic" food, etc.). It has been my emergency food shopping spot whenever we don't feel like driving out to Fairway in Plainview.

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                      Waldbaums has terrible, virtually non-existient, choices when it comes to fresh organic produce. In a fit of desparation I bought some peaches there last week, and was so disappointed with the lack of fuzz/overwhelming waxiness. Bleh.

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                        There is a new organic health food store on 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights. I think it's around 83rd Street. They have good stuff, but it's a small store. It's like an extremely mini-Whole Foods. The staff is very friendly.

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                          If you have a car .Travel down Northern Blvd. There is a whole food in Manhsett , Long Island . It is about 5 minutes out of Queens.

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                            In Glendale, the new Atlas Park has a gourmet shop called Amish Market. It's not perfect but has some interesting things.

                      2. There is a great store in Astoria on 30th ave (around 36th I think?) called Sai's Organics. It's small but they carry a huge variety of products, many of which you also would find at Whole Foods. (http://www.saiorganics.com)

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                          And another new "natural foods" store opened two weeks ago on Broadway between 46th and 47th. Mostly the usual packaged health-food stuff, a small cluster of bulk stuff, and a juice/sandwich bar with some tables. I don't recall much (any?) produce, and the usual organic and sprouted breads are packaged. Reasonable prices for the genre and a nice addition to that bit of Broadway. They're close to the edge of the neighborhood; I hope for their sake that they've got enough potential customers to draw from.

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                            That new store on 46th & Broadway is FANTASTIC.. I've had my green smoothies made there(60% leafy greens/40% fruit) that they managed to make taste like just a pure fruit smoothie. Also had a hummus and sprout sandwich there that was outstanding, if a little skimpy on the hummus. Their frozen selection and organic grocery items where well selected, but not much variety of brands. But all in all, it's a great new addition to a neighborhood that needs more individually owned freestanding markets and healthier food choices. I think it being next to the subway will boost business, so hopefully it'll be there for a long time.