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Feb 26, 2006 03:43 PM

What Happened To Shane's Bakery In Woodside?

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I was in Woodside today for the first time in over a year. Unfortunately, my excitement at being in my old 'hood was dashed when I saw that Shane's Bakery had moved out!

Does anyone know what happened?!

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    I don't know why it closed - their scones were to die for - and they were about the only place who offered brown sauce on your breakfast bacon and egg roll.
    In its place is now a trendy overpriced latin-tinged cafe called Mango's.

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    1. re: butterchicken2nan

      I have not seen shane Bakery stuff anywhere,ever!!
      Their brown bread was the very best.
      Absolute prize winner.
      Scones great.
      I suppose they went under because the Irish deserted Woodside,some gone home because no other way or it was the better way,some gone underground-with all the vicious homeland security stuff and ethnic and racial harrassment.

      1. re: Mi

        It is true. Many Irish went back home as their economy has improved. Also many have moved into the burbs during the housing boom. But Shane's I think never had recovered from the fire next door, and also that renovation when they turned the place into a cafe and put tables by the windows. Used to have all the baked stuff in the windows and be very alluring..

    2. I don't know the story, but you can now buy packaged Shane's bread products in some of the Irish shops.

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      1. re: K. McB.

        That's interesting! I did go into the Irish butcher shop that's across the street (Tommy Malloney's) but didn't see any Shane products there.

        However, I did venture into The Bronx to the only other Irish Bakery I could find in the city (named, appropriately, "Irish Bakery.") However, their stuff just wasn't as good.

        I'm still heartbroken about Shane's!! I used to love that place. I thought it was doing well, depsite the fire and renovations. What a loss for the neighborhood!

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        1. Fewer and fewer Irish in the neighborhood, and in the city itself, all the time. The Irish pubs are getting progressively emptier, and many have passed on to non-Irish ownership (the one at my corner has gone from pub to cantina).

          As mentioned above, the Irish economy has vastly improved since Ireland entered the EU, so lots of people have simply gone back. And many other Irish have gotten green cards (the green card lottery gave them a significant preference) made some money and moved out to L.I., N.J., or Westchester. Other folks, with even more delicious food, have of course moved in to replace them. But I'd bet that the owners of Shane's took a look at the ethnic demographic trends in the area and decided that it just wasn't worth it anymore.

          1. The original comment has been removed