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Feb 25, 2006 07:42 AM

New market similar to Citarella in DUMBO?

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Does anyone know the name/location of this new place to buy food - heard its very similar to Citarella/Balducci's? Thanks.

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  1. do you mean Foragers on front st? It's expensive, has some ok fish, cheese, and meat offerings, but i found their veg selection to be of low quality (especially considering the price). they do have some good looking prepared foods as well, but i have only tried the very expensive roasted chicken, which was just 'ok'(the butcher on jay street has roasted chickens much cheaper and they are not bad. not sure if they are free range though). foragers has some interesting packaged goods, but i'd rather go to bridge fresh for organic veggies, almondine for bread, and to the butcher on jay street for meat.

    1. Yes, Forager's - An incredibly overpriced, mediocre quality food shop. I tried to cringe my way past the $26 jars of mustard (no joke) and wilting yellowish organic arugula for $5 a bunch and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, I was punished after I bought some berkshire farms pork at an ungodly price then took it home to find an unacceptable stench. I worked as a sous chef professionally so I know when meat is bad (anyone's nose will tell them) and I actually had to argue with the butcher at Forager's as to whether it was bad. I told him if he liked it, he could eat it and I have never been back.

      1. Foragers used to be hit or miss for me which I accepted because of the convenience but now it's just miss. A couple months back I got some of their prepared balsamic chicken and it was inedible. It's only a block away but I waited about a month before going back and got some of the prepared salmon which had been pretty good in the past. It too must have sat there for ages and was also inedible.

        You think I would have learned my lesson but I finally went back after another couple months tonight to buy some salmon. When I got home and unwrapped it, there was a noticeablely too fishy smell. Hopefully I've now learned my lesson that their stuff just isn't fresh and I won't be going back. It's a shame that there's no decent option in the neighborhood.