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Feb 22, 2006 09:02 AM

Lunch near Pratt in Brooklyn

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My daughter attends Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. I frequently visit her for lunch and she has limited time. We are always searching for a nice “ LOCAL ” restaurant. Any recommendations?

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  1. Grand 275 has good food, though the menu is limited.

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    1. re: mick

      There's a really nice place on Grand just south of Lafayette that serves north african/french fusion; I've had several fritatta sandwiches there of high quality. It's not too expensive for lunch ($8 sandwiches maybe, $10 entrees?) but it's formal enough that you feel like you're eating a real lunch. Unfortunately the name escapes me, but it's next to a coffee shop/bar where all of the students seem to hang out.

      1. re: MTMT

        I think you're talking about Dakar. It has Senegalese food. It's pretty good, not great.

        1. re: Sue S.

          How about Maggie Brown on Myrtle Ave.?

      2. re: mick

        Thanks I will check it out.