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Feb 21, 2006 07:45 PM

Mexican in Astoria?

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Any recommendations for Mexican restaurants in Astoria?
Not fancy ones- just really good, basic ones. Thanks

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    Astoria Lurker

    I am a big fan of El Potro (44rd & Broadway), the carnitas and chorizo tacos there are excellent. I haven't had much else but other people who have gone with me have had burritos, enchiladas and other tacos (al pastor, chicken etc) which all were good. It's a really small place and the jukebox music can be a little loud but I do enjoy the food.

    Also good is Viva El Mariachi on Broadway, closer to the N. I know there are a few other places people reccomend but I'm not familiar with them. Also , Las Margaritas (Broadway & 38th) isn't very good, although it has a more festive atmosphere than the other 2.

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      The last time I was at El Potro (admittedly probably almost 2 years ago) I had the most unbelievable mole sauce over something - I don't remember what, but I remember the mole sauce.

    2. My friends and I love Tacos Mexico on Bway and 38th. Not fancy decor, but really delicious. Their enchiladas are great, their pozole is perfect on a cold day and their mole (on enchiladas, chicken etc) is excellent. Everyone we have taken there has really enjoyed it and gone back on their own.

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        I'll second Tacos Mexico- the tacos are simple and lovely, though the carnitas can be a little grisly sometimes. The nachos, though, the nachos are wonderful and can be a whole meal for me. Another bonus that isn't in every Mexican restaurant but should be, is delicious unlimited salsa and chips on the table.

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          I finally made it to Tacos Mexico last night- it was great. The guacamole was just right, and all the enchilladas and tacos were delicious. When we asked for desert though, they acted like we were crazy... Anyway, I'll be back.

        2. Pandaderia Hidalgo is a favorite of mine. They're located at 25-22 30th Avenue in Astoria. The front part of the store is a bakery (complete with Mexican breads that remind me of the ones I ate when I visited Mexico a few years ago!). The back is a small restaurant where they serve all kinds of Mexican food.

          It's located a few yards down 30th Avenue from the Mt. Sinai Hospital of Queens. Phone number is 718-726-4180

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            Thanks for the tip – what do you like these days, front or back? A few years ago some folks liked their rajas, tamales and moles.


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              their tamales are essentially unchanged since then.

          2. How about one to take someone on a second date. She loves Mexican - not sure if she means Tex Mex or real Mexican. She lives in Astoria.

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              without any information on what your date (or you) are like... tequilla sunrise would offer the most in terms of formal ambiance, the food is only passable, and should be avoided on the weekends... if a more laid back setting is sought, check out original mexican on twenty-ninth steet off of thirtieth ave... if you want authenticty with waiter service and alcohol, the spot on the north side of astoria blvd west of the astoria blvd station might be a good comprimise

            2. Do any of these places (or other recommended ones) have options for non meat-eaters (e.g., rice and bean burritos/tacos, cheese enchiladas, etc.)?