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Feb 15, 2006 06:58 PM

Cafe Bar in Astoria

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Is Cafe Bar still around? I went there a couple years ago and it was good- going back out to work there and was curious how it is, if it's still around. Thanks.

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  1. cafe bar is still around and while some absolutely adore the place, other swear that it has gone downwards.
    I still find it to be quite busy so try for yourself and tell us what you thought

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    1. re: Lisa

      The only way in which it's gone downhill is that it's crowded most nights (always on weekends). But the food is still good -- esp. the roast pork and halloumi sandwich.

    2. The service can be absolutely atrocious. The first time I went for brunch, the food was great (some kind of Mediterranean breakfast) and the service was OK, but when I returned with friends, it took us about an hour to get menus.

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      1. re: Kerry

        Same experience here.
        There are a couple really nice people there and some really rude servers as well.
        This, in addition to how smoky it gets (they allow you to smoke while you're eating outside), the somewhat cheesy atmosphere and what I think is just so-so food, I won't go back, even though I am in the area all the time.
        I prefer my gentrified coffee shops/cafes more along the lines of Aubergine in Woodside, Cafe Henri in LIC and Communitea in LIC.

        1. re: tracyk

          love communitea. They are super-friendly too.

      2. Cevabdzinica Sarajevo is just a short block up on the same avenue, if you care for some good inexpensive bosnian food and save CafeBar for drinks and people watching.

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