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Feb 14, 2006 09:28 AM

Best Seafood Restaurant in City Island for Celebration

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O.K. so I know that the food on City Island is nothing to write home about. They are all seafood lovers and want to celebrate our anniversary at this dreadful island chock full of crab shantys! I tried effortlessly to convince my staff of 12 bakers of many other restaurants for seafood, including Fresh in NYC, Aquagrill on Spring Street and even Oceana, yet they insist on going to City Island to celebrate our bakery/cafe's 3 year anniversary. Ironically it would probably be cheaper to eat at a seafood restaurant in the city -- I checked the prices at Sammy's and it was like $47 for the 1 pound lobster. God forbid they all order Surf 'n Turf -- this may be our last celebration!! They all live in the Bronx, so I guess its convenient for them. Can someone recommend a halfway decent restaurant for our celebration located somewhere on City Island?

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  1. None of restaurants there are "great". I tend to regard CI as only slightly above fast food. But it is a local favorite with Bronx people. I wish they would fix up the place because it is a great concept--but its a dump over there. Sammy has gone so downhill in the last several years I don't go there AT ALL anymore--just awful service, tiny portions and a huge bill at the end. Anyway, look up these places for consideration: Tito Puente (had HUGE fried shrimp there 1x), SeaShore (used to have a fun happy hour), JPs (has a water view at least--unlike most of these other so called seaside restaurants, plus JP is a nice guy).

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      I've tried outdoor and indoor places, and they're all mediocre.

      If I return, I'll wait until warm weather and go to the place at the very end, over the water, and fill up on fried stuff and lots of beer, not expecting anything out of the ordinary and using the occasion for celebration rather than food.

    2. Forget about all the fancy, high-priced sit -down "Restaurants" on City Island and don't stop the cars until you are all the way at the end of "Restaurant Row" and pull into the lot on the right and park!

      Lobster Box
      34 City Island Avenue,
      City island, NY 10464,

      Go up to the counters and get anything and everything you want, find enough outdoor seating for your group and enjoy the water, good food, beer and atmosphere.

      No need to spend a fortune to have good food and good fun! Have a successful event

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        Not sure Lobster Box is the name of place you're thinking about. Was just there today and Lobster Box is a "nice" sit down place - no counters or take-out. Food was ok, but they couldn't cook a steak to save their lives. We asked for ours to be medium-rare and had to send it back twice. They still didn't get it right, so we got a free desert and called it even. Not sure we'd go back - you're better off going to either of the fried fish places at the end and getting lobster elsewhere.