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Feb 11, 2006 01:26 PM

The Grind in Sunnyside

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Does anyone know anything about The Grind opening up on Queens Blvd and 39th Street? I've passed by it a few times and looked in on the construction. Could it be Sunnyside's first coffee house?

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    Monkey Man Jake

    Wouldn't that distinction belong to Cafe Aubergine, on 50th and Skillman, or do you count that as Woodside? Either way, it's a very nice place to have coffee (Irving Farm coffee) and a nice sammidge.

    1. I've been wondering about this place as well. I'm newly arrived in Sunnyside and I need a cafe in my neighborhood! Does anyone have any info about the opening?

      1. I just did a search and was lead to a website They're in 12 States and New York is not on the list. So it looks like Sunnyside will be the first for NY. I'm very impressed by the photo gallery which shows pictures of Grind Coffee Shops. This is a small up and coming franchise started by a young couple. I'll be visiting soon after it opens.

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          The 39th St. location seems a lot lower rent. Not sure it's part of this chain.

          1. re: Mike V

            I hope not, this chain looks like a total knockoff of the Starbucks. Even the typeface for "Coffe House" is suspiciously close to Starbucks, nevermind the generic looking Starbucks interior. I'm not an anti-SB per se, but I am so sick of all the same-looking coffee shops that have no character. Hope they open something fresh.

            1. re: welle

              I just hope they serve decent coffee, chain or no chain. I go to Starbucks on Steinway and on 38th in Astoria because there just isn't anything else around other than Dunkin Donuts and one coffee bean seller on Queens Blvd which is only passable in my opinion. I really miss Peets Coffee, and I don't know why Boston is the only place on the east coast that gets to have locales and NY doesn't!

          2. I enjoyed noticing that the awning that originally read "expresso" was updated recently to "espresso." Hope they got a freebie.

            1. I passed this place yesterday and found it still in early stages of construction. It could be 2007 by the time it opens, if the recent Sunnyside examples of Uncle Spud and Cheesesteak Factory are any indication. Why does work take so long these days? Is it a shortage of skilled laborers?