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Feb 9, 2006 04:34 PM

Peter Luger's lunch

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Any special way to eat at Luger's for lunch? Have been looking forward to trying their hamburger--is it available on the weekends, and are reservations needed for lunch? I checked their website and did not see this information. Thanks!

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  1. Lunch at Peter Luger is excellent, and an excellent value to boot. The hamburger at less than $10 is the best in town and the price ridiculously low.
    Reservations are always required at this restaurant.
    While dinner must be reserved at least 3 months in advance, lunch reservatuions are much easier to come by.

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      i don't know about the requirement for an advanced 3mth dinner reservation... i was at luger's recently on business and reservations were made about 2-3weeks prior to.

      1. re: Fleur
        Quentin Chiappetta

        I work in the neighborhood, and every so often I head there alone or with people for lunch. I have never made a reservation, and never had a problem. Usually this is on a weekday however.

        Enjoy-- It's great!

        1. re: Fleur

          Like others have said, I've never had to make a reservation for lunch there, and have made dinner reservations just weeks in advance. Have ended up waiting a few minuts for a lunch table, but that's the worst of it.

        2. It's predictable: You'll get to Luger's, see the thick and juicy T-Bone arrive at a neighboring table, all pink and steamy...needless to say, the urge to splurge will overcome you.

          A burger is a burger, but a Luger's steak is a whole 'nother animal.

          1. If you go on a Friday or Saturday lunch, look out for the Chopped Steak special. It's a burger made of the meat they use for their steaks, and is even better than the normal burger. Runs about $8, no bun but a big side of fried onions. Phenomenal.
            I'd also recommend trying a side of the bacon. Not a whole lot of bacon for $4 - 1 very thick piece, but it's overwhelming.
            And if you've got room for dessert, the cheesecake is very good - not outstanding like the other stuff, but worth having.

            1. Whatever you do, don't get the pot roast.

              For some stupid reason, I had dreams of Luger-rich chunks of marbled beef, cooked for hours with traditional German gravy on the side. The waiter endorsed it heartily, so I dismissed my normal lunch (the superb chopped steak) and said yes.

              What I got was blasphemy: thin, flavorless slices of brisket, utterly without fat and reeking of mediocrity. Beyond disgusting. The saving grace on that plate was the cooked red cabbage--sweet, smoky, and delicious. Mashed potatoes and gravy were also excellent. Had the waiter returned to the table, I'd have sent the meat back, but instead I ate the sides and wished I'd had a second slice of bacon.

              That's not to attack the staff, of course. We're always treated quite nicely--this guy was just slammed.