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Feb 5, 2006 04:17 PM

Korean black goat soup

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Remember a few months ago when that article in the NYT featured the homey korean restaurant in Queens with the goat soup? Well I went there several times and became quite addicted to the soup. I ate some of the other food there, but the soup was what I went for. Also the service. The women that ran the place were super friendly, helpful (if help was needed) and fun. They loved when people enjoyed the food.
Anyways. It closed and I thought maybe it was just for a vacation, but i have passed by on many occasions since Christmas and they are not Open. Did they move? were they closed down do to no business? Department of health? I am so sad, from what I can gather this black goat soup is not particularly common in korean restaurants, goat isn't very common actually. I sure would love a bowl Of that soup tonight. Does anyone know if there are any other restaurants serving this soup? anywhere? I know there is one place (at least) in Korea but I don't think I can make it there...

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  1. What was the name of the restaurant and its location?

    1. If you're talking about Go Hyang Jip in Woodside (40-03 73rd St, 718-507-8182), it's gone out of business. A Korean friend just called, and the woman who answered didn't know where she and her partners would wind up next or who would take over the space.


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        oh what a shame i missed that. that sounds like my kind of soup! any suggestions for a backup? or maybe your friend might know?

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          I missed that one too, unfortunately. I'll ask around. I love that kind of stew.

      2. I've seen goat stew at several other Korean restaurants (mostly in LA, but some in NYC), so I'm not sure it's really that uncommon (though you will have to look around). My impression is that it's a Western replacement for dog meat, but perhaps I'm wrong.

        I recall seeing a goat stew on the menu at Wonjo in the Manhattan Koreatown [32nd st].

        I recently picked up a takeout menu from a Korean restaurant in Elmhurst which includes a few goat stew dishes. I'm not at all sure if they're similar to what you're looking for, since I haven't eaten at this place. I also have no idea what it's called since their moniker is in Hangul. And I cannot attest to the color of the goat.

        Bo Yang Jungol [$32.95] is described as "boiled goat casserole in hot & spicy sauce." Bo Yang Tang [$14.95] is presumably the smaller serving of the same. The rest of the menu consists of mostly soups/stews [duck, dried pollack, angler fish, cod fish, cod fish head, soon dooboo, etc for $8-15], pan-fried meats [octopus, porkloin w/ kimchi for $11-16], barbecue [duck, pork belly, galbi, bulgogi $15-19], and the special casseroles for sharing [$33: Hae Mool Jungol, Bu Dae Jungol, Ohri Jungol, Tuong Kimchi Jungol]. I imagine that if you order the jungol, and once you're thoroughly stuffed, the waitress will cook down the remainder of the pot with rice or noodles into a crisp finish. Somehow, one manages to find an extra stomach for this, the best part of the meal. I wish that it was less expensive, but they do have a lunch menu with various stews for $5.95.

        [Hangul characters] BBQ
        "Korean B.B.Q. Restaurant"
        77-08 Woodside Ave
        Elmhurst NY 11377

        23 W. 32nd St

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          Thanks – the Elmhurst place called is Yang Gi Chok (unless it's changed hands in the past year). Haven't tried it yet.

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            The Elmhurst place has indeed changed hands. Now it's Sam Soon Ri (they've just added an English name to the awning).

        2. hm.. a homey korean resaurant that serves goat soup..
          i dont know about New York, but there's a pretty good place just like what you described called Mirak in Los Angeles (koreatown).

          it's pretty underrated, but the food is great, service is great, and the women treat you like they're your aunt or something.

          1134 s. western ave.
          la ca 90006