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Feb 4, 2006 11:26 AM

Hanko's on Bergen?

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Has anyone tried Hanko's Vietmanese Sandwich/bubble tea? Hoping it's good. May try it today.

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  1. yes, if you scroll down there was a thread recently.

    I tried one a few days ago (the classic) and was quite good. Not as good as the one I had in manhattan a cpl months ago but very good nonetheless. Ask for spicy and extra cilantro.

    1. I tried their Classic & Sardine, both amazingly delicious. Also don't miss out on their other specialty Bubble Teas. So far Hanco's made the best bubble teas i had before. Their texture of the Tapioca's are cooked perfectly. Not too hard. not too soft. Soft but chewy. Last but not least their Iced Vietnamese Coffee is very good as well.

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        Corrected the spelling for future searches.

        Anyways, I had their classic, and I have to say it was good. Not great - there are dozens of better banh mis to be had out there. That said, it is quite authentic and I'm very surprised it popped up here in "yuppie Brooklyn". When I can't make it to Chinatown or Sunset Park, and I'm craving a banh mi, I'll have no problem grabbing one of these.

        1. re: Lambretta76

          I'd also like to add that they're a touch on the small side for a banh mi, but I imagine their rent is a bit higher than say, the back of a cellular phone store on 8th and 50th in Sunset Park.

          1. re: Lambretta76

            yes, they are a touch on the small side, but the bread is tasty, the sandwich is good, and i for one am totally happy to welcome them to the nabe!

            I would suggest calling ahead if you are going late or on a weekend evening, as the night i was there they ran out of bread. (fortunately for me, it was after my order) nothing worse than walking down to bergen street only to find they don't have any sandwiches.

          2. re: Lambretta76

            I agree. Their banh mi were actually a little better than I'd expected for the neighborhood. Not Sunset Park caliber, but a more than decent option if you happen to be near Bergen St.

            What would really excite me would be if they had all the snacks like Ba Xuyen does. I can't live on banh mi, alone.


            1. re: Lambretta76

              Thursday evening they were turning people away because they were out of bread! They must've also ran out of peppers, because mine came with extra chili paste instead.

              That's my only "bad" experience, but I don't mind. I'm really glad to see them do well - Maybe it'll encourage people to take more chances with Smith St restaurants.

              1. re: EJC

                I had asked one of the employee at Hanco's and they told me that they don't use the Jalapenos anymore. Instead they use the Siracha Chili paste. The reason they said was that the jalapenos is spicy on certain times and not spicy at all on other times. They will have to gamble on that one. The lady had respond that several customers compained that the sandwich are not spicy at all even tho they asked for spicy. So now they use Siracha chili sauce so they wont get any compains anymore. I'm fine with that i love siracha hot sauce.

                1. re: Tom

                  Hooray, I'm SO GLAD they will use chili paste now! I also thought the sandwich was too bland, even though it had a couple of jalapenos in it. Now I can't wait to try Hanco's again.

                  Thanks for the info, Tom.

          3. But they use mayo, and ground pork instead of roast pork. Still tasty, but a minor disappointment.

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            1. re: Sarah McC

              You can order the pork chop sandwich, which is different that the ground pork. It's beautifully charred and delicious.

            2. Love it. The classic is great. Spring rolls can be a bit bland, but overall I can't complain. If you're in a hurry, it's not like a "deli" where you'll get your sandwhich in 3 minutes. My average wait time is about 10 minutes... so call ahead if you need to.

              1. I agree on the roll---after the novelty of the properties of extreme gluten sticking to your lips & fingers wears off, it offers little to justify its existence. And yes to the classic---I love the texture of the pork pate. The sandwich is a little gem of flavors. And just the right spiciness.
                I was very surprised at the length of my wait for two sandwiches a couple of months ago---around 20 minutes (with four customers ahead of me). Had to go to the counter to make sure I hadn't gotten lost in the shuffle. No trauma. I agree that the average is around 10 minutes.