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Feb 2, 2006 06:27 AM

Grand Prospect Hall

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I am considering holidng my wedding at Grand Prospect Hall. Does anyone have any experience with this place? How is the food and service?

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    George Lynch

    The very few reviews I've read all tend toward the "abysmal" category. Below is a link to Go Brooklyn, from which you can click on the Dining Guide link and then in the window that lists Park Slope select The Oak Room and read the review. It's not horrendous in terms of the food, but overall it stifled any curiousity I might've had.

    OTOH, it was written about a year and a half ago, so who knows...

    Maybe you should have dinner there one night just to scout out the place.


    1. Felicitations!! There were a few posts about it ten days ago. I've often passed it walking about south Brooklyn and wondered about it. Its palatial architecture seemed out of place and piqued my curiosity.


      1. I've never been there, but is this the same place that advertised on late night cable? If their ad budget is any indication of their food then I'd look elsewhere.

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          Winer, what are you blind? Their commercial is stunning. Did you not see the ballrooms? They look amazing! Wedding Girl, I agree with Mrs. J. Take some time to visit the place in person.

          1. re: Mrs.2Be

            I always think it looks over-the-top gaudy and tacky. Kind of like an antique version of those hilarious suburban catering halls in N.J. or out on L.I. At least from what you can see through the garbled sound and badly lit video on that ad. From the outside, hovering over the Prospect Expy. it always looked weirdly out of place and ostentatiously tacky in a Cadillacs and white shoes kind of way. And the folks running the place remind me of my grandparents, complete with beehive wigs and accents. But, like most things, perhaps it's a matter of taste.

        2. Go to and go to the NY message board for real brides who have had their weddings there. They will give you honest answers. FYI: It is a landmark. It used to be an opera house.

          1. Winer:

            I do not understand your point because I have seen their commercial on during the day time.

            Wedding Girl:

            Have you seen the place in person yet? If not, I would say you should take a trip there. Their website is pretty good but you may want to get a better look at the place.

            My husband and I used to go there for Sunday Brunch every week. The food and service was great. We haven't gone for some time now because we moved.

            I know Sunday Brunch is not the same as a wedding so I can not give advice on that, but the owners, who by the way were very friendly, did give us a tour one Sunday and their ballrooms are absolutely beautiful.

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            1. re: Mrs. J

              GPH is beautiful
              its gorgeous, but it's expensive
              its $40.00 a chair.
              now thats not SO bad, except if u want the wedding to be Glatt kosher, then u need to bring outside catering
              so u are paying for catering AND the hall, that could be very expensive