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Jan 31, 2006 11:34 PM

Brawta, Mo-bay or Other? Who has the best?

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Which do you think has the best food and the best atmosphere for a night out? Any other great Caribbean places that are BYOB? Oh, and is ginger beer alcoholic?

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  1. I prefer SugarCane on Flatbush. Perhaps even JRG. Brawta has gone downhill drastically over the past 8 or so years. Neither are BYOB. There was a place in Greenpoint called Bleu Drawes or something, but rumor has it that they've gone New American.

    Kombit could be another option for Caribbean food - it's Haitian.

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    1. re: Lambretta76

      Second the vote for SugarCane. Tasty food and a great party vibe, even if you aren't coming with seven other people :-)

      1. re: jmj

        Is there a relatively quiet time to go to SugarCane? I hate to admit weve never been because its right on our corner but we cant take noisy crowded scenes, and its visibly very popular.

      2. re: Lambretta76

        i went to brawta for my first and last time about a year ago; at that time it was byob, which was the only positive thing about the place i can remember. sugarcane sounds good. i looked it up on citysearch and see they have a live jazz brunch every other sunday. do you know any details about their brunch? also, any specific recommendations? i want to try this place out. thanks.

        1. re: lotsanivanh

          I haven't been in quite some time, but their bake and shark was the best I've had. Also, their sorrel mimosas were quite good as well.

          1. re: lotsanivanh

            I'll second (and third...) all of the recs. for Sugarcane. We have gone a number of times in the last year, and have always been pleased. While a number of their chicken and fish dishes are excellent, for me, it is the veggie roti that keeps me coming back. Delicious! I have found the roti at Brawta and other places just a big goopy mess. Sugarcane does it perfectly.

            Hummm, I may need to rethink my dinner plans...

            1. re: lotsanivanh

              The callaloo is also memorable

            2. re: Lambretta76

              I agree about Brawta. The owner and staff are quite friendly, but when you order to take out they always make u wait (even when you come a few minutes after the time they tell you it will be ready). The food is decent (not spectacular) but I think a bit overpriced (in comparison to many other Caribbean places, but comparable to prices of other resturants in the nabe). Last time I ordered from there, they substituted huge chunks of potato instead of scallops in my meal (huh?!) and didnt tell me about it.

              A good place to try is Sapodilla on Smith. The problem seems to be no one knows about it, and the owners dont seem to be making an effort to tell people it exists. this place has a liquor license as well.

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              Brooklyn Boy

              Lambretta's suggestion of Sugarcane is good, though you can't BYOB there. Mo-Bay is a bit small, but if your party is four or less, then it should work. Many of the good Caribbean places are more geared towards take-out than sit-down.

              As far as I know, ginger beer is non-alcoholic, much like root beer or birch beer. Great stuff!

              1. i live around the corner from mo-bay, and i haven't eaten there in years, if that tells you anything. all i remember is bad, very slow service for not-very-good food.

                1. Stir It Up on Atlantic by Thrid Avenue and The Islands on Washinton just north of Eatern Parkway are also very good.

                  SIU got a limited number of offerings from the steam table and they run out of things occassionally, but the food is tasty. They don't have a liquor license, so I'm sure they'll let you bring in beer or wine. Also, they have homemade drinks as the commercial brands and ginger beer is not alcoholic.

                  Islands' food is better than SIU but the dining room is tiny.