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Jan 29, 2006 11:48 PM

Fresh Filled Cannoli in Queens

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My bf and I have accidentally stumbled upon this place in Middle Village yesterday. In the middle of all residential neighborhood (one side of a street is a cemetery) there was this standalone hand-painted sign 'Anna Mia's Fresh Hand filled Cannoli' or something like that in front of what it looked like a one-family home. The sign also claimed it was the 'Best'. We decided to see if it was. I had cannoli and my boyfriend had a cheese danish (they had apple ones too). My cannoli was in a thin waffle filled (right in front of me) with ricotta cream, very little sugar just perfect, dusted with pistachios (you could opt out if you're not into nuts). Mmmm... My bf's cheese danish was also filled with ricotta with a tiny hint of sugar, on a very thin pastry. so good.

They also had tiramisu, cookies and other pastries. They operate mostly, my understanding is, by telephone orders and on Saturdays open the store for retail (10am to 6pm). They also make three-cheese cheesecake (they didn't have it at that time, I'm having it next time) and angelfood cake and many more. Two ladies operating the store are very nice and made us feel welcome instantly (we were obviously out of place in that neighborhood where they greeted their customers by names). They also serve coffee - freshly brewed to order, and have like three tables with chairs. The place is a bit of a trek from subway, but is so worth it (Q67 bus runs right in front of them, or you can get Q18 from woodside and walk like 10 blocks from Grand ave).

Anna Mia's
61-55 69th St.
MIddle Village

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  1. Is this the woman who made the cannoli's for Nick's Pizzeria? My friend Ann told me about this place last year and raved about it. She said that one of my old Nick's Pizzzeria restaurant reviews from Queens Ledger was framed and hung up with the cannoli rave review part highlighted.

    I've been meaning to go, and if it is the same place I'm sure it is the paradigm of cannoli perfection. Unfortunately I've witnessed too much attitude at Nick's in Forest Hills over the last few years, and so I eschew it for the most part, but those cannolis were sorely missed- totally ethereal!

    Thanks for the update. Definitley on my to do list.


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      Never been to Nick's so cannot tell. There were just limited press clippings in the store - I didn't get to read them. Certainly no attitude - very warm and nice.

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        Now the burning question is: Would these cannoli's that a friend in Queens says are TO DIE FOR -- be available for shipment? Hmmmmmmmm I HAVE to get some to taste back here in Michigan!!! Been craving a GOOD cannoli for weeks.

        Desperate Dago in Michigan -- lololol

      2. The cannoli (and other desserts) from Anna Mia are outstanding. I posted about them on Chowhound quite some time ago when I first "discovered" them. Delicious!

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          Foodie at large

          Anna Mia's are the Best in Queens.

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            Foodie at large

            Anna Mia's are the Best in Queens.

            1. I also just stumbled upon this place yesterday when I was doing a bike tour through Queens. I saw the handpainted sign, turned around and decided if someone was so bold to claim it was the "best" cannoli, it had to be tried out.

              The cannoli delicious! I never understood much what the thing with cannolis was. But this was very different. The cream was to die for, rich but not too sweet. The waffle was very thin and not soggy at all since the cream is filled right before you eat it. She told me, that when they sell cannolis for take out they sell the necessary items individually, so that you can fill them just before you want to eat them. That's the only way Anna Mia would allow her canollis to be sold.
              And the thing was huge. I had trouble finishing it. All for $3. I also took a danish pastry with apples. It was also excellent. Fresh apples, moist and not overcooked, the pastry was light and crisp, no hint of dryness.

              Really good. It's a shame it's so far from everything.