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Jan 26, 2006 04:39 PM

Sunset Park Viet?

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I'm hoping to steer a carload of people towards a Sunset Park Vietnamese restaurant tonight.
Any favorites for Eighth Ave in the 50s?

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  1. ME too! (thanks for your suggestion about Abu's by the way!)
    Anyone have suggestions on Vietnamese food in suset parkt??

    1. Gia Lam 2.

      Search on this board for more details.

      Excelent, authentic and cheap.

      1. I've always liked Nha Trang Palace. 5908 8th Avenue

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          I'll second NHA TRANG, although I have a special fondness for the cheap $4.00 rice plates at the GIA LAM near 49th Street(e.g. Squid with Lemon Grass on Rice) - filling and leaves budget room for other goodies.