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Jan 26, 2006 07:03 AM

Bukharan Restaurants in Rego Park- which? reservations?

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We want to go this Saturday to Rego Park and have some Bukharan food. Every source seems to name the same 3 or 4 restaurants: Salute, Beautiful B, Cheburechnaya, Registan. Because of some stuff we've read, we are leaning towards Cheburechnaya, but input would be much appreciated. Also, we will be a group of six, so does somebody knows if we must have reservations?
Are these places close enough that we could walk from one to the other and see them?


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  1. Make sure to call and ask them what time they open on Saturday.
    Cheburechnaya is ok, nothing special, but tends to be the most popular. The only thing that makes them unique is that they have lamb fat kebobs. Just fat grilled on skewers crunchy and juicy - yum. Very busy, could make the service sporadic, meats grilling in the open kitchen will make the wait even tortureous. It may help if you know the menu in advance and make your orders when making reservations.
    For some reasons bukharans and russians will try to sell you the potatoes. It was nothing special just fries for $4, but the waiter and other diners may recommend them. puzzling..

    BTW, if you're going there after the NYT article, samsas are not the same thing as chebureks.

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      For my money I like Cheburechnaya the best. The only nearby Bukharian spot is Tashkent which might be interesting to stop in because they have dancing. By the way Registan has changed hands and is now called Gan Orley, though they still have the old Registan menus. It's walking distance from Cafe Arzu, which is located where 102 St. runs parallel to Queens Blvd. Salute may be your best option if you walk 108 St. you'll get a good feel for the nabe. Be sure to stop in at Monya & Misha (64-46 108 St.) a wonderful European/Russian deli with a stupendous selection of cold cuts, bacons, caviar,prepared foods, etc. Have fun and report back!

      Keep on smokin',
      Joey Deckle