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Jan 21, 2006 05:44 PM

Zoila in boerum hill - fantastic sandwiches

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hey there

just want to pass on my personal sandwich haven - zoila's on hoyt between state street and atlantic avenue in boerum hill/downtown brooklyn.

this little hole in the wall cranks out some sublime sandwiches, especially when the older woman (also the owner i believe) is behind the knife (which is almost every day). she has a real nose for pairing simple ingredients together.

i have no personal connection with the place, but i was looking around the board here and didn't see it mentioned.

anyone working in this neighborhood needs to check it out at least once.

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  1. It's been mentioned, but not recently – thanks for the update. You got any particular favorites there?


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      ah ha, i didn't see a search function.

      from the looks of the writeup from 2004 (and from my own experience since discovering it that fall), not much has changed. the chicken sandwich is still top notch, as is almost everything else i've tried. the daily specials are also worth your time - the owner makes delicious turkey meatballs and stuffs them into a sandwich on occasion. other specials i remember are roasted artichokes, prosciutto, smoked salmon and lemon aioli on black baguette...

      really, if the owner is making the sandwich (which, like i said, is most of the time), it is going to be a memorable experience. she is truly gifted at packing sensible and striking flavors (from very fresh ingredients) into modest packages.

    2. Yes! Their potato salad is also excellent - nothing fancy, but a triumph of the mayonnaisey-potato-salad form.

      1. yea...zoila is pretty good. i pass it everyday on the way to the subway. bring it home tho. you could die of claustrophobia in there :)