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Jan 21, 2006 10:02 AM

a good slice in the slope

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where to find great park slope pizza?

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  1. Joe's Pizza on 5th Avenue b/w 12th & 11th Sts is pretty great. Best of the south slope for sure.

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    1. re: Zach

      I know this is kind of a hike (very south slope or sunset park, depending on who you ask), but Luigi's on 5th Ave between 20th and 21st Streets is amazing--truly worth travelling for.

      I was getting a slice there for lunch once and about 6 police officers were there--they confessed to working in midtown but driving to Luigi's for lunch every day. It really is so good.

      1. re: Zach

        I had a couple of slices from here the other night and was surprised at how good they were. It's not world-class or anything, but better than the generally dismal offerings around here. They're also open late -- it was close to midnight when I went, on a weeknight. I've resorted to the very lame Smiling Pizza quite a few times at this hour, so I'm grateful for an alternative.

        1. re: Chris E.

          Man, I cannot agree at all. I find Luigi's to be just as bad as anywhere else. Lenny's on 5th between 15th & 16th is decent but still nothing to write home about. I wouldn't make a special trip or anything.

      2. I think the best slice is Tomato & Basil on 4th ave and Union.

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          I agree, and am a little concerned that they've been open for a year and there is rarely anyone else in the place when I go. They'll deliver to the Slope (718-596-8855) but it's worth going in there because they're always preparing little things not on the menu--the last time I was in there they offered patrons some "onion bread" while we were waiting for our slices.

        2. What about on 7th. I'm near Smiling and I have to say I think it's gone downhill.

          My aunt has lived near smiling for a long time and I remember when I was younger we would always get pizza from there and it would be a ritual and a highlight of our visit to NY. So, that might have been youthful fancy and it may never have been too good, but now I think it's really gone downhill.

          Where should I go on 7th instead.

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          1. re: comet9005

            Pino's across from PS321. Mmmm.

            1. re: Phil K.

              Pino's???!!! You're kidding, right? Nothing special or delicious about Pino's, fellow chowhounds. The only thing they have going for them is proximity to the local elementary school. Come on, we can do better than this!

          2. Anthony's on 7th ave between 14th and 15th is really good. It's only whole pies but they aren't too big and are very tasty. It's a relaxed place and they also serve decent salads as welll.

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            1. re: Rita

              Warning -- only good when eaten there. DO NOT order in. We had an awful experience recently. The pizza was delivered cold and soggy.

            2. On 7th Ave I prefer Oscars or Roma, I haven't really tried anything north of Smilers. I'm not that impressed with Pino's (I think there crust is to doughy), Smilers always seems to taste old, and Joe's is just nothing to get excited about. I did like the place on Flatbush next to the old movie theater.

              Tomato and Basil? I think there is another one on Coney Island Ave somewhere between Ave U and Ave R. That place was always good. Is this the same owner?

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