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Where in Ridgewood?

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Need help for a friend who moved recently to Ridgewood with no car...says she cannot find a good butcher, a good fruit market, and even a decent clean supermarket with fresh food? What gives? Where are the finds in Ridgewood, please? She is a nice Polish girl........Thanks everyone!

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  1. Valentino's has a decent butcher in the back, great deali but bad veggies. Catalina Bakery on Fresh Pond is very good. Good veggies are slim pickings as of late. I've been using Fresh Direct for two years for basically everything. She does of course have tons of polish places to chose from...

    1. Well, you won't find a shortage of German butchers. Of course, there used to be more. Forest Pork Store on Forest Ave, near the M train; Moescher's on Catalpa Ave; Karl Ehmer on Fresh Pond Rd, which is probably a little bit of a haul; and the Eastern-european style Muncan Meat Market, on Mytle/Fresh Pond and on Gates/Seneca. You'll find all manners of fresh, cooked, smoked sausages, deli meats, bacons, and other sinful meats. The selections of cuts can vary in places. Some carry poultry as well. But you won't aged T-bone steaks.

      The "best" supermarket in the area is the Stop And Shop, Myrtle Ave, which is on the Glendale-Ridgewood border. The Keyfood on Myrtle and Summerfield is notable for having a good selections of ethnic foods--and by ethnic I mean Polish, Czech, etc, as well as, Hispanic. Still, not really a shopping delight.

      You'll have to find fresh fruits in little stands here and there along Myrtle Ave area. Slim pickings.

      But in Ridgewood, the L train, when it's running, is your friend. For fruits and veggies you can always go the Whole Foods on Union Square. The butchers I mention also have kielbasa. But you'd be better off getting that in Williamsburg and East Village, both along the party train named L.

      1. There is a great fruit stand on the corner of Catalpa and Myrtle (from the Forest Ave M stop go down the street and turn Right on Catalpa) called Fancy Fruits. Fresh daily produce and decent prices.

        1. The Forest Pork Store on Forest Avenue is a great little shop. They have weird hours, but very worth visitng. FOREST PORK STORE 66-39 Forest Avenue Ridgewood, NY 11385 (718)497-2853

          1. I too live in Ridgewood/Glendale. I work in the city, so often pick up a few items at Whole Foods in Union Square on my way home. I supplement with food staples, household products, party items (including liquor) via Fresh Direct.

            A new market opened around June of 2008 called Green Line, on Myrtle near George Street. While they call themselves an Organic market, alas, they have virtually no organic fruits/veggies. They DO however carry organic dairy, as well as many more "natural" ....or should I say not mass-produced products. You'll find virtually no Nabisco, Sara Lee etc stuff here! Their cereals, juices, chips etc are more in line with Whole Foods products, or else with specifically Polish-named brands. Green Line also carries a comprehensive amount of household items from Seventh Generation.

            The only thing I personally use Key Foods for is their Ciao Bella gelato. Everything else there I think is pretty much of "poor, inner-city" quality. There's no such thing as hormone-free/range-free meats at Key Foods as far as I know.

            The other bakery on Fresh Pond that someone mentioned...it's actually called "Catania" bakery (as in, Catania, Sicily).

            Another very good Italian bakery is called "Monreale", right across from Green Line market, on Myrtle.

            Nuncan Meat Market on Myrtle near Fresh Pond is very good for quality cold cuts (freshly-sliced mortadella, various homemade salamis, knockwurst, slab bacon, etc)

            For dining, Antica Trattoria on Fresh Pond is decent, as is Sakura (Japanese) on Myrtle. There's a greasy spoon Puerto Rican that I like on Myrtle opposite Pizza Hut, and the Mexican on Myrtle near George is also pretty good.

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              correction: Antica Trattoria on Fresh Pond is AWESOME. (Now that I've eaten there more, and tried a wider variety of their dishes, it's one of the BEST Italian restauarants in the entire city IMHO! I feel so lucky to have this place in my own little nabe!

              Antica Trattoria
              68-10 Fresh Pond Rd, Queens, NY 11385

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                Since you're doing corrections it's the *Muncan* Meat Market.

                Muncan Food Corp.
                60-86 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385