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Jan 19, 2006 03:34 PM


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Anyone know where I might find alfajores in Brooklyn or Manhattan? A friend just returned from Argentina and I'd like to buy her some for her birthday.

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  1. I know they are sold in Queens at Don Francisco(the best meat in the city , by the way)and a few stores on Corona ave. There is an Argentinian Supermarket there. In Manhattan, at Hacienda de Argentina restaurant.

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      I've bought them at the Buenos Aires Bakery on Roosevelt Avenue ....I know it's not in Brooklyn, but it's a sure thing there.

    2. Cafe Scaramouche on Court St. has dulce de leche alfajores.

      1. I once bought some at a restaurant in the city called mamalinda's. You should call and ask before going out there.They sell the havana alfajores.

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        1. re: Hunrgy1

          what's the difference between a havana alfajore and an argentina one? please enlighten us.

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            IT's Havanna not Havana and it's the most famous alfajores brand from Argentina. Their shops are all over Buenos Aires, and , naturally at the airport.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. None of the Brooklyn or NYC locations are open anymore that were mentioned here. Has anyone found them yet? I'd love to get some of those Havanna Alfajores for a friend who loves them, preferably in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I know Aroma Cafe on Greene & Houston Streets carries their own version of Alfajores, I don't think they are dipped in chocolate, like the Havanna Alfajores.

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              There's an Argentine/Uruguayan bakery one store off the corner of Corona and Junction in Queens that carries several imported brands of Argentine Alfajores, including Havanna. The entrance to the bakery is on Corona Blvd, next to a small strip mall.

              1. re: pizmet

                They also make there own! Also good