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standing corrected: Gravy

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Last week I deemed Gravy as "great". I was challenged by quite a few folks on CH who deemed it bad and even "weird". So I went back for lunch today and it is indeed bad....and weird.

I stand corrected. Maybe the few times I went when they first opened were exceptional days. Today was pretty bad, and yes...weird.

Its hard to describe. Its not like it was inedible. I did eat it, but was perplexed throgh the whole experience.

Good service, cool music.

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  1. What was weird about it?

    1. It is no Spicy Mina or Applewood, but I wouldn't write it off entirely. I find it a good place to eat a cobb salad and drink Cosmopolitans. If you're ever in the mood for that kind of thing.

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        The thing is I'd never even hold it in the same regard as SM or AW. Its a diner, a standard simple diner. I am in the mood for a Cobb salad and Cosmos often. But the food there just seemed so off center today. Not so fresh, sloppy, too rough.

      2. I went with my wife all last summer and sat out on the deck and we always seemed to have weird issues with the staff, who all seemed like they were, pardon the cliche, out to lunch. The food, when you limit it to standard diner fare, i.e. burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, beer, etc., is pretty good. Nothing more, nothing less. I wouldn't go there for the specials, just the diner stuff. I will say that if you are in the mood for a buffalo chicken sandwich, something I never thought I would covet, go there. It is really good. And the burgers are sloppy but good, though I prefer Schnack's burgers quite a bit more.

        This is all to say my wife and I have also gone through our phases with Gravy, but wind up going because the beer is cold and the music and diner food good. The end.

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          Yeah, I had a very strange reuben there once. Hard to describe, but it just tasted weird.

          1. Had a cheeseburger/fries platter for lunch last summer. What I found interesting was that the burger tasted outdoor-grilled. Had a distinct charcoal-flamed vibe. I was wondering if they were pre-grilled, maybe? Or is there a flavoring additive that can get close to that flavor? As another poster said, it was a messy lunch, very drippy/juicy burger but it hit the spot. Also, I wasn't asked about done-ness and it came well done and for some reason I decided that it was for the best--it just wasn't something I would have wanted rare.
            Verdict? Good diner lunch, better flavor, value and gut-full than I would have gotten across the street at New St. Clair and the service was casual and fine. Now if you want weird--Nosh gives off a vibe like they are a bunch of scientologists or moonies or children of god or something. I'm sort of kidding but....

            1. I recently tried Gravy for brunch and thought my meal was a bit off. I ordered the corn beef hash. It came out looking very nice! Big chunks of corn beef, and surprisingly, beets. I like corn beef. I like beets. They didn't go well together in the hash though. It just tasted off, I couldn't eat much of it.

              Another time I had pancakes there, and they tasted meaty, as in they put the batter on the grill where they had just cooked a burger... yuck.

              I do like their monte cristo sandwich. Not completly traditional, but at least its close to the real thing.

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                My friend, you have found one of the rare restaurants that actually serves Red Flannel Hash. It's old-school New England food, and delicious.


              2. I just went here last night and I really liked it. My date and I split the macaroni and cheese with jalepenos and we devoured it. It was creamy and delicious. We'd intended to just have a bit and save the rest for lunch but we had to stop ourselves from licking the bowl. My hamburger was perfectly pink with grill marks on it and tasted like it just came off the Weber. My date chose the blackened catfish which had a great char and flavor. The salads are a little funny- something like my mom would have made in the midwest with the thousand island and the iceberg-- but I think that's the kitsch of the place. Overall, I really liked it. The service was friendly, the vibe was laid back, and it seemed like a great place to go and have a few drinks at also. I'm sort of surprised that when I went to chowhound there was so much dislike of this place. I have a pretty good palate and I felt this was pretty strong comfort food.

                1. i guess this would be a good time to mention that i had brunch here about 3 weeks ago while moving apartments with my girlfriend. we decided to avoid the cold wind by eating at the bar. the head woman in charge was getting our drinks. she poured me an ultra flat diet coke and i asked for one that wasnt flat. she said it came from a can so what else could she do. i said it can mean that the can was old or stored in a warm spot. after that, she gave me dirty looks the rest of the meal.

                  the bloody mary was filled with alcohol and ultra spicy...very bad. the food wasnt awful but with the head woman glaring at me standing 3 feet away the entire time, and the service completely incompetent, i refuse to go there again.

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                    Heh - some of us out here think a strong, very spicy bloody mary sounds just about perfect!

                  2. We go there for brunch quite frequently, maybe once every 2 months, because they are only a block away and friendly to our toddler. While I wouldn't say that the food is award-winning, it has been consistently good. Nothing wrong with the eggs, pancakes, biscuits, etc. that we usually get. In fact, the gravy they use on the biscuits is nice & spicy. I've never experienced one of these "weird meals" or poor waitstaff that so many have described.

                    1. as far as a simple diner (again, something NOT competing with proper restaurants) would anyone recommend DINER over smith street's CARROLL DINER? after drinking late into the night, i often order from carroll diner and am always satisfired. should i switch to DINER?

                      1. Gravy has always disappointed me. I've been a few times, when I lived in the area and also when I was working in DUMBO and inevitably there was always something wrong with our meal. Everything from rude service, to incorrect orders to a milkshake actually being sour and curdled. It was one of those places that I really wanted to work...but sadly it just never ever succeeded. At least for me. :(

                        1. I don't quite understand the "witch hunt" mentality folks on here have about kitschy places in the neighborhood. The same happened with Nosh on Atlantic. It got beat up pretty badly on here (primarily because of the owner) - and as a result, I can no longer get a cup of matzo ball soup in the neighborhood.

                          When I crave biscuits and gravy or elevated diner food, I'm really glad that Gravy is a few blocks from home. The food is more than serviceable, the bartender pours strong drinks, and the staff has never given us attitude (maybe it's because I'm courteous in return?).

                          It's much better than the rundown building that was there a few years ago.

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                            I'm in complete agreement with you about Nosh. It was some of the best Jewish deli food around. Those old places just don't exist anymore. who cares if the owner was weird? (he was, in fact, always nice to us).

                            1. re: seb

                              all I remember of Nosh was their absolutely horrible bagels. i mean worse than i used to get in california. and i remember they used to not wrap them in foil like you'd expect but rather send them out in a container with a pickle on the side like it was a sandwich. just wierd.

                              was not in the least surprised when they went under.

                              no real opinion on gravy. went once, it was okay..nothing great nothing terrible. But I do like grabbing a burger and beer at Trout next door and I've never had the massive issues others have with Pacifico, as long as I've stuck with things like fajitas, nachos, and a decent margarita.

                              1. re: Nehna

                                Funny thing about the Nosh bagels, they got them from the Bagel Hole. At least thats what the kid at the counter told me. I tried a few, stale. Maybe they got a weeks worth and hoped they wouldnt get stale? Other than that I had some excellent lunches there.

                                But then theres the chef...

                                1. re: Larry Brooks

                                  I like bagel hole bagels, but they get stale incredibly quickly. Not surprising that they don't survive being sold second-hand.

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                              I have no issue with kitsch. Gravy's food is inconsistent, mediocre at best. Bring on the kitsch. But if your food SUCKS, the kitsch facor gets tired. I can't speak for the bartenders as i don't drink there but the service as as inconsistent as the food. And I am VERY courteous "in return". Hell, I even tip well when I get bad service. But after a while it gets annoying.

                              You want a nice bowl of matzo ball soup? Carroll Gardens Diner: fluffy soft light matzo balls, medium body broth, not too salty. Cheap as well, 3 bucks a bowl? Honest.

                              As far as Nosh, they didnt go out of business because of being bashed on CH. That was the least of their problems. I ate there quite a bit. Its no mystery why they tanked.

                            3. just went back here a few days ago. i don't think this place is terrible, but it's not a great food experience. it's nice as a slightly upscale diner if you're looking for that in this neighborhood. i think the theme of the night was that all of our food (burgers, salmon) except for the mac & cheese was dry. also, the salads that came with our meals were heavily dressed, which put off half of our party. the upside was that we had no problem getting seated on a saturday night and the service was very pleasant.