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Jan 17, 2006 10:49 AM

sour cherry juice in new york

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wondering if anyone has any advice or thoughts on sour cherry juice. being romanian, my whole family adores good sour cherry juice. when i was little, the good kind we used to get (from our local russian / eastern european grocery in boston) was manufactured in yugoslavia and came in a tall skinny rectangular can - the juice was sort of thick (like closer to opaque red than transparent) and very tart. post-yugoslav-collapse, this good brand vanished from the shelves. for years now, pretty much every brand i buy (still from russian / eastern european groceries) is inferior - too sweet, not sour enough, and too watery and thin. the only place i ever get close-to-good-enough sour cherry juice is when i eat out at turkish restaurants. so, the questions: where are the turks buying their sour cherry juice in new york? it seems distinctly better than the kind i get in russian stores. what other ethnicities love sour cherry juice, where are their grocery stores, and which brands are best? any ideas?


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  1. Have you tried some of the Russian grocery stores in Brighton Beach? I remember there was a big store called International (owned by the same people who own the National resturant) on Brighton Beach Ave. I grew up in Brighton and had a lot of friends from Odessa and their parents swore by that store.

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      Another (closer in) place to try is Eagle Supermarket on 5th Ave. & 19th St. (South Slope). It is ostensibly Polish, but they have a lot of products from other eastern European countries.

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        thanks all, will try the turkish place. i have had lots of russian / easterrn european brands over the years and they never seem to be very good any more. so the problem is not where to find sour cherry juice, but where to find better brands that are not too watered down. but... i will try the turkish deli, since the turkish restaurants seem to have the best stuff.

    2. Irene, in Sunnyside I find a plethora of sour cherry juices: there are turkish, israeli and (if I'm not mistaken) some east-european ones. There's a supermarket at 46th st. on Queens blvd. (former Food Dynasty, now Key Food) that carries about 2-3 kinds. There's a turkish deli at 46 or 47th st. and 43rd Ave. (just one block from Q blvd.). Further down at 43rd Ave. with 43rd St. are a few stores where I'm sure I saw sour cherry juice of some sort or other: on one corner there's a middle eastern store (El-Shater???), around the corner on 43rd Ave. there's an armenian store (Massis), and on 43rd st. is the serbian/romanian cold cuts store, Sunnyside Meat Market. I'm sure a trek to these stores will find you something that you'll like. There all at or around the 46th st./Bliss stop on the 7th train.

      1. What do you think would happen if you just ask your Turkish restaurant what brand they use and even who supplies it to them?

        1. The Euromarket on 30th Ave in Queens carries it. You can also get it at the Amish Market in Hell's Kitchen-- we buy it all the time.



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