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Jan 16, 2006 06:04 PM

Kew Gardens...HELP!!!

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I recently moved to the Kew Gardens area, and was NOT impressed with the nearest restaurants. Can anyone recommend any good cuisine? I live near the courthouses on Queens Blvd.

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  1. IMHO it's mostly blech. I had a decent meal about a year ago at Mood, though. And Oneness-Fountain-Heart on the border of Jamaica is a great veggie place owned by some religious sect.

    Kew Gardens would be so charming if it just had some more businesses like Linda's Organic Market and Kew Gardens Cinema. The buildings, houses and trees are pretty.

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      The Pakistani place on Austin, around the corner from the Cinemas, was pretty good back when I lived out there.

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        I have been a couple times and although the owner was very nice, I thought the food was bland...

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        Chicago Mike.

        Maurya on Woodhaven is great for Indian food... Great slice pizza on Jamaica just west of Woodhaven at D'Aleo's... Nicks in Forest Hills is pretty good for elaborate-topping pies.

        La Tavernetta in Glendale is beautiful inexpensive artisanal italian, very quaint just great go-to food... La Vigna is good italian, pleasant upbeat setting.

        All these within 5/10 mins of KewGdns.

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          Nick's is good; but as you said it's in Forest Hills. Kew Gardens proper has almost nothing, unfortunately. I'm ready to tear my hair out and wonder if I'm actually going to have to learn to cook. ;-0

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            i second the rec for Tavernetta (even though it's not really in KG) but it's the best!

            Tu Casa on Metro and Lefferts is good for chicken and columbian food.

            otherwise... yeah, not really much locally. i don't really like Austin ale house. Dani's is ok, but not consistent.

      3. Across from the kew gardens moview theatre is a pretty good italian restaurant (danny's or dani's?).

        a bit further go down metropolitan to about 71st avenue, there's the metro cafe. nice desserts, nice sandwiches and salads. very comfy place.
        if you go down to yellowstone between clyde and dartmouth there's da silvana. i really think it has the best italian food.

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          Dani's pizza and restaurant has decent traditinal american/italian food in an interesting closed-in atmosphere (eat in the triangular dining room or the old style pizza stools). Great beer selection there and a great place after taking in a late movie at the Kew Gardens cinema.

          Mood is around the corner and has live music on certain nights.

          Austin Steak and Ale house has decent burgers (so I hear from my meat eating friends) and has great pub food.

          Lots of luck finding good food. Even in Forest Hills, the restaurants are limited. You can also try further down Metropolitan Ave but that's in Forest Hills and not within walking distance.

        2. I recently moved to Forest Hills and Da Silvana is around the corner from our place... so we've been there twice. The first time it was truly a wow experience. It felt as if we had scored an incredible, legit, old school neighborhood joint. We loved it. The second time, not so much. The bread was burnt, the pasta in bolognese sauce was lackluster, at best. The chicken parm was cafeteria grade. Teh mushroom app was good, but who can screw up sauteed mushrooms? I guess every one gets a bad night... I will try them one more time for the tie breaker.

          1. You're only a few blocks from Simply Thai (or whatever it's called now) and Cobblestones...both on the southside of QB adn 78th ave. Great burgers at Cobblestones and decent Thai.

            1. Dee's is fairly close to KG on Metropolitan, but yes, Forest Hills. I love their pizza (try the four seasons) and pastas, etc, are done well when eating in.

              Spolini's on Metropolitan in KG (118th) is a decent Italian place where food is served family style, not a bad option.

              I have had great prime rib at Austin's (Monday night special), and they have a good beer selection. Their buffalo wings are also good.

              I haven't explored the Latin American places down on Jamaica Ave enough, but there's a Salvadoran place that was decent and cheap in the 114th vicinity. I have heard that the Colombian bakery/restaurant near Woodhaven on Jamaica is good.

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                I agree with Kenito, Dee's has very good pizza and the best Hummus in the area.