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Jan 15, 2006 01:45 PM

Best Indian in Brooklyn?

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Is there any excellent Indian in the vicinity of Park Slope? Anywhere else in Brooklyn?

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  1. Kinara at 473 5th Avenue, in the South Slope, is really good -- the best in the Slope (though that might not be saying much). Joy on Flatbush near 6th Avenue is also good. But for excellent, I'm afraid you'll have to head into Queens, Jersey City, or Manhattan.

    1. An enthusiastic "ditto" on Kinara. Used to live around there a couple years back and ate in for dinner and lunch a few times. After a long absence, a week ago tried their delivery when I was at a friend's in the neighborhood -- still fabulous. Big fan of their Tikka Masala -- creamy with the oiliness fully under control.

      1. I was very unimpressed with Kinara. Worst samosa chat I've ever had. Joy, however, is usually pretty good - I like their dumpuk, which is essentially a pot pie covered with a naan. The Persian-style goat curry is very good, too (get it with lamb if they're out of goat).

        However, as kraw said, Jackson Heights and Newark Ave. in Jersey City (or, if you have a car, Edison, NJ) are the places for the real deal.

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          You might want to explore the punjabi places on coney island ave south of Newkirk - I cant report on which are currently preferable tho. Historically, there were a couple on the east side of the street, down toward I that served some good stuff. Kinara is good for a "clean" light westernized style - I think the food at Joy tastes better.

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            ditto on Joy
            It couldn't possibly be the best in Brooklyn, but prolly best in Park Slope.

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              True - forgot about the Pakistani and Bangladeshi strongholds down that way. Truth be told, the proprietors of Joy are also Pakistani (possibly Kashmiri). There's some tasty Bangladeshi around the Church Ave. stop of the F train, too, though I haven't been in years, so I couldn't comment on what's still good.

              1. re: lambretta76

                The McDonald Ave (off Church) places seem to change too regularly for me to be sure that I'm recommending anything decent. There was one a couple of doors in from Church, on McDonald (the side of the street that's away from Coney Island Ave) that was better than Kinara last time I was there about 6 months ago.

                Coney Island Ave is more interesting. In the past 3 months at least 2-3 new places have sprung up and a couple of Catering Hall type larger places have also opened. There are now places dotting the avenue all the way to Ave H (across from the Kent theater). I'd really appreciate some reviews. I'll try to do my share asap as well.

                1. re: Steve R

                  Not sure how new it is, but we're big fans of Bahar, an Afghani kebab house on CIA at Newkirk. Try the bolani -- turnover pastries with various fillings (pumpkin is my favorite). I like their ashi noodle dishes (it's a very flat, slurpy kind of noodle -- works well, I think, with ground beef or lamb). Also once tried a more standard dish, lamb biryani, which was spiced nicely and used very tender lamb meat.

                2. re: lambretta76

                  I havent actually tried the Church/McDonald places - they looked SO barebones, and the indian groceries around there are second or third rate (I spent an hour in a fruitless search for mustard seeds in a bangla nabe and no one carried them!) got the feeling there werent too many women cooking around there. CIA looks more promising, honestly.

            2. Curry Leaf in bheights on Remsen. Best chicken tikka period.

              1. I have been going to Medina lately, a steam table place on Coney Island Avenue and Beverley Rd. It's the best one of the Pakistani places on the strip that I have found, though I haven't done a systematic comparison. I tend to get the vegetables (sometimes okra, sometimes spinach and potatoes, usually chickpeas, etc.). They are not low-fat (i.e. they're kind of greasy) but always deliciously spiced and spicy—nobody could complain that they're toning things down for the American palate. They make nan to order in one of those big firey ovens, and it's usually really good, especially if you it it right away. I don't eat much meat, but I have tried what they call chicken kebabs—ground up chicken with spices formed into cylinders and grilled. The taste is great, but the texture seems a little off to me. I always get takeout, though they recently expanded and added a room where people can sit down (before, there were just a couple of tables in the front). I'm not sure if they take orders or if people get food at the counter then bring it to their seats.