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Jan 12, 2006 01:39 PM

tacos (trucks) on roosevelt ave?

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Hi chowhounds,

I read some old posts about mexican on roosevelt ave. But everybody only seems to comment on what they DON'T like. I want to go try a few different places for tacos on roosevelt ave, perhaps tonight. Any recommendations for people's favorite places? Taco trucks vs. restaurants?


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    Wallace Stevens

    The one I've been in love with lately is El Gallo Giro, which parks right outside the 74th St / Roosevelt Avenue train stop. From the side, there's a green sign that says, simply, "Mexican Food".

    The taco de carne enchilada is the best in the city. Hands down. Other items are decent to good - the pollo, when it's done right, and the carnitas can be rather nice, but the carne enchilada is awesome all the time - porky, chewy with fat, and well seasoned without overpowering the meat. They also had sopes the other night, although I didn't get a chance to try them.

    Speaking of sopes, there's a truck that rolls out their masa TO ORDER, and serves them with a nice cecina (slightly cured beef). It's further east on Roosevelt, at the corner of Baxter Avenue (a few feet east of 82nd Street). Tasty tasty.

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      I've never noticed the truck El Gallo Giro Mexican Food that you mentioned at the 74th Street train station. I went today and looked all over and couldn't find it. I'll check again tomorrow. I would certainly order the taco de carne enchilada.

      1. re: Mike V

        El Gallo Giro isn't a truck, but a cart, and they're usually out during the night and weekends. Usually, they're at that corner where Roosevelt/74th/Broadway come to a point right outside the subway entrance. I haven't tried them yet, but they do look better than other taco carts.

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      Wallace Stevens

      There are a bunch of good posts on good tacos along Roosevelt, also - run a search particulary for Eric Eto's picks, and Brian S has good things to say about the consensus favorite that is Taqueria Coatzingo.

      But I'd also like to pitch in a word in favor of Tacolandia. In addition to having the best name of any tacqueria, I actually find them to be rather tasty, if a bit weird. I also have a very high tolerence for sketchy food preparation, holding, and sanitation practices, so if you don't, you may want to look away at the plastic cutting board sitting on the griddle and the greasy steam table.

      What I find interesting about their style of taco is that it's almost all stews. Many meats in many a taco are simmered or braised, but Tacolandia serves them wet and juicy - you're essentially buying yourself a fair sized plate of meat and juice, with a pair of tortillas drowning at the bottom. Their chicken, tongue, and carne al pastor (unlike any carne al pastor I've ever seen for its wetness) are particularly tasty. The buche (a type of tripe) I also like. Stay away from the chicharron unless you have a taste for piles of soggy skin. I love fat as much as the next cardiac victim, but this was too much even for me.

      Also, the truck that sets up on Roosevelt next to Sripraphai has always been good to me, but I haven't been there for years - particularly not since Zabb stole my heart, giving me little occasion to go down there.

      There's also a Taco Veloz that's good, somewhere in the 80's on the south side of the street. A sketchy man once ogled my friend's breasts there and drunkenly tried to pick up the tab for our tacos. At the same time.