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Jan 12, 2006 06:33 AM

Birthday cake

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I'm looking for a great tasting birthday cake in Brooklyn. I know Sweet Melissa's on Court St. and Margaret Palca Bakes on Columbia St. make good cakes. Wondering if anyone knows of any other places.

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  1. If you have a car, check out Baked in Red Hook. Their website is They have fabulous cakes and most of it is made to order. I ordered one for a birthday a few months ago and everyone loved it, especially their amazing buttercream frosting.

    1. We got ours from Monteleone's, also on Court Street. We had a devil's food cake with vanilla custard filling and another chocolate buttercream filling with a buttercream frosting which was colored orange for a Halloween theme. Monteleone's was recommended by several neighborhood vendors and residents and I know friends have used it since.

      We have also gotten an amazing cake for a friend from Downtown Atlantic, which was basically a big version of their cupcakes. However, it was expensive for the lack of decorating they did.

      1. Recent wedding cake thread. I'm sure many of these vendors do birthday cake too.


        1. I didn't get to read the other replys, but BAKED in red hook makes an amazing cake!! and they are not refrigerated, so the buttercream is silky smooth and ready to eat! they are on van b runt and have a website, google it. their pistachio cake is amazing, and the malted chocolate cake is great too!

          1. Sweet Melissa for buttercream cakes is very nice.
            Cafe Scaramouche, also on Court St., makes cakes with a really nice smooth icing finish, I forget what it's called, and the decorations are more creative than the average buttercream flower, etc, and the prices seem pretty good for the delicious quality!
            If you want a more affordable option, Court St Pastry Shop makes some pretty good, altough very basic, cakes as well.