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Jan 11, 2006 01:48 AM

Flushing Chinese Food Courts Experience

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I went to a Chinese food court today that has a food stall that is run by a Chinese Muslim family. They specialize in an assortment of Northern Chinese dumplings, buns and breads. This is the same place that "HLing" reviewed about a month ago. This is NOT in the Mayflower food court which is further north on Main St. The family that works there does not speak English but fortunately for me there were a couple customers who were nice enough to translate for me with their limited English. I ordered the 3 lamb buns for $1 special that every one else was ordering as well as a lamb soup for $3. The lamb buns were pretty good but I thought they were a bit too bland and oily. They were quite filling, though. The lamb soup was terrible and I left most of it there since I could barely tolerate it. I have never had any Northern Chinese soup which tasted anything like that before. I don't know if it is an acquired taste but I don't see how anyone can enjoy that dish. Not surprisingly, I was the only one who ordered it. Is there anything that I'm missing? Anything else I should have tried?

The only other place where I had Northern Chinese Muslim food was at restaurant in the L.A. area called China Islamic. That was my favorite Chinese restaurant and I really miss it. Their food was far superior to this food stand in Flushing. However, I am not Chinese and I am not an authority on Chinese cuisine.

When I went to the Mayflower food court I noticed that there was a stand that also sells Northern Chinese food. I noticed lamb/beef soups as well as some other dishes on their menu. Does anyone know anything about this place? Also, across from it was was a menu sign on a food stall for Northern Chinese food as well. I don't remember it too well but one of the dishes was "tomato & beef Ramien." They spelled Ramen as "Ramien." Does anyone know anything about this place?

Just like in the previous Flushing food court that closed down many months ago I found the people to be down to earth and helpful. Unlike in Chinese restaurants especially in the Manhattan Chinatown.

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  1. This food court is AWESOME! It is arguably the best out-of-country experience available in NYC, and, as I recall, far more of an other-worldly trip than the food courts of Nathan Road, Kowloon. It's at 41-82 Main Street. Link to my old post on it, which has a link to the post by H Ling that first put it on our map, below.


    1. Stopped at this stall with several hounds over the weekend, and I think you really have to have a chinese speaker with you for this particular stall. We had a lot of trouble getting ourselves understood and ended up with several bean paste buns (not bad, but we wanted lamb or mutton) and not one but two bowls of the soup you mention. I did not even try it, it smelled so vile. It is some kind of lamb offal soup, and Surly, who was among our number, said it tasted like liquified offal, and not in a good way. But there is much really delicious food in these food courts, branch out and try other stuff at other stalls!

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        For future reference, for lamb buns, they should be called:
        yang rou bao zi, which even if you pronounce badly should get you the right thing if you point. Good luck!

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          THanks, I will have to write that down. As to pointing, all the buns looked alike! That's how we ended up with red bean.