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Jan 10, 2006 08:44 PM

Sushi in Brooklyn Heights and surronding area

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Looking for good sushi in Brooklyn Heights, Carrol Gardens or Cobble Hill. Tried Cube 63, a Zagat's recommendation and was not impressed. Have also tried Nanatori on Montague Street which is okay. Anyone have any other suggestions.

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  1. in B Heights, my favorite place is Iron Chef Sushi on Clark St. Quality fish, creative rolls, pleasant atmosphere. I would also recommend you stay away from Sushi Gallery in the subway station (bleh).

    not far away, on Dean St @ 5th Ave is Taro which is my (and most of C'hound's) favorite place is the general area.

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    1. re: EJC

      Iron Chef house, despite the silly name, is GREAT.

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        Iron chef is great in every respect. The sushi tastes like it's still swimming. The staff is excellent. And it's cheap. If this place were in Manhattan it would be three times as much and people would rave about it.

        Kitty corner from this place, inside the Clark Street subway station is a dump called Sushi Gallery. It's sh*t on rice. Avoid at all costs.

      2. Osaka on Court St. is a pretty good bet.

        1. What didnt you like about Cube 63? We went a lot when it first opened and really enjoyed it. Esp sitting at the bar, chatting with the sushi chef, sharing a bottle of wine and eating some wonderfully fresh---and inventive, for brooklyn---fish.

          1. The best Sushi in that area is Ki Sushi on Smith St. You'll find several reviews (including mine) if you run a search. Probably the most hyped sushi spot on the board right now, and rightfully so. Fantastic quality food- both in terms of their sushi as well as their cooked dishes.

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              I agree about Ki Sushi. It is fantastic. Iron Chef House is awful on many levels. The only place more awful that I've ever eaten at was jPan which is an offshoot of Iron Chef House.

              1. re: hamstrman

                Ki is definitely the place to go. I now live much closer to Iron Chef (my number two choice) than I do to Ki, but the walk to Ki is worth it. It's the one place in the neighborhood where I'm excited to eat sushi pieces instead of just rolls, because the fish is just that fresh. Even the quality of the pickled ginger and wasabi is better at Ki.

                That being said, if you do find yourself at Iron Chef, your best bet is one of the more elaborate rolls that don't rely on the freshness of the fish. Something with softshell crab or eel, for instance.

              2. re: bhill

                Ki really is good. Osaka is also good but not as pleasant to sit in unless you're in the garden. I did not like Iron Chef at all.

              3. I heard Ki's chef branched out from Osaka on Court st.
                Haven't ate there, but will try soon!