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There's a newish place on 5th Ave in Brooklyn called Perch. I've been a few times. It's a nice looking place, a sort of modern diner, based on the menu. A couple of weekday visits made me like the place, but a weekend visit was an absolute horror.
It's one of those places where you order at the counter, and they give you a number. But there's no way for them to see your number unless they go around to every table and look at it. Peoples' drink orders get confused with regularity, orders come out at different times, etc.
The owners and staff are very friendly -- hopefully they'll work out the kinks. I've tried various menu items including huevos rancheros, mott st sandwich, and cobb salad. All are solid, not amazing.
Overall, I'd say it's a great place to hang and read on an off hour.
Anyone else been?

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  1. Passed by the place a few times recently, wondering what the deal was and whether PS really needed another restaurant.

    This morning's Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn (OTBKB) did a feature on Perch. Sounds like the deal is that it is a family (read: child) friendly place. Well, as a parent of teenaged kids who'd rather die than share a meal with their parents, I'll pass this one by.

    Link to OTBKB below.

    Link: http://onlytheblogknowsbrooklyn.typep...

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      Ellis Aponte Jr.

      Had the Mott St. sandwich there (salami-capicolla-provolone): not bad, but like another poster said, just a little sandwich on a plate & nothing with it. And not particularly cheap. Lots of kids playing... No wonder, that modern Scandanavian design looks suspiciously like a childrens' playroom. I had a nice waitress, for what it's worth.

    2. Thanks for the tip Peter, and welcome back.

      1. i was there today and on sat. on sat. i stopped in for a latte. all tables were busy - no kids up front...all couples. ordered at the counter...the cashier didn't know how to make proper change. eek.
        went today - and sat down at a table up front thinking there was waiter service. (there is nothing to tell you otherwise.) after a while, a staffer walks by and says: did you get your food? i said: i didn't even get a menu. she said - as she walked away - oh, you have to order at the counter. ohhhhhhhhhhkay. so i did.
        when she brought it, i asked if they had wifi. yes. she finally brought over the code (i never did get it to work properly.) i told her i couldn't connect and was there someone to help. her response: the owner is sitting in the back and you can see her if you want to. i said: can you ask her to come over here? she said: but she's sitting in the back. kiss of death to me. i'm a customer. she's staff. help the customer. in fact, the owner did come over and she's charming and they are hoping it all goes well...said she's not been in this business before. it's a decently likeable stop-in place ...my husband had a pressed rubin (sp?) but no garnish on the plate. just plunk, the sandwich. he said it was fine. nothing special but fresh. my latte was good but i hate the tall cups.

        1. I live right around the corner ( anyone want to buy a brownstone?!?!?)so I was really happy to see this place come in- but...
          as someone else said, weekdays are do-able, weekends are a disaster.
          They have really good lattes during the week, the one I got on Sunday took forever and was completely undrinkable.
          I have not eaten the food, but my daughter got a smoked salmon egg dish that looked like airline food. My dh liked the meatloaf sandwich, but would not order it again.
          Woman at the table next to us got a sandwich that had mayo on it. She told the server that she was allergic to mayo, and in a million years it never would have occured to her to mention it, cause it was not listed as an ingredient and she has never seen that kind of a sandwich with mayo before. They gave her one without mayo in a flash.

          1. Saw this place on Mon, Jan 2 and stopped in for brunch on a whim. We were super confused by the ordering process (counter service only). I am not sure I like the hybrid coffee place/restaurant idea. I don't mind counter service at Tea Lounge but somehow nothing clicked for me here. I had a pot of tea and had to keep getting up for milk. We were unsure about tipping since we had tipped at the counter but then had the waitress deliver our food. These are just picky things but we never felt comfortable for some reason. As for food thoughts, I had the granola and yogurt special with fruit and they forgot the fruit. They fixed when asked but again it required a trip to the counter. It was fine. Husband had egg and cheese sandwich. Very tasty with good cheese. As for beverages, his latte was terrible and overpriced at $4. My pot of tea was $4.50 - and not large enough to justify the cost.

            1. Was there earlier today. The front was filled with large parties waiting to be seated. In the back lounge area little children were running around screaming. Decided to get a seat at the bar than wait for a table away from the kis (in a rush). The food was pretty good, got eggs florentine and the perch toast. Nothing spectacular but par for the course in Park Slope at the price. Unfortunately, the staff were way too hurried. One girl was covering the bar, lounge and patio. They don't have an electronic receipt system to all the orders were hand written thus delaying some and our server bringing some out before they were done. After our meal, she started chatting with the hostess and made us wait to ask for change. As she tried to settle our bill, she forgot to mention that they were cash only (it's almost 2007. Shouldn't any place dealing only in cash carry some sort of large sign in front, c'mon?!). As she tried to calculate tax on several of the checks, which took forever since they were done by hand, she thought aloud complaining about the number of orders she still need to complete. Overall, the place probably would've been great for a low key Sunday brunch if only it was sans rugrats, annoying parents and had an electronic register so the order weren't constantly being messed up. Or maybe just get a more competent and less frazzled server at the bar?

              1. went to perch on Saturday night. the first three things we tried to order they were out of (a particular beer, lemonade, roast chix) then the waitress told us they were out of a number of other things. it was only 7:30, and half of the menu was gone. we ordered other things, and then the waiting began. We waited like 40 mins even though there were maybe 5 other tables in the restaurant with customers. when food arrived, my "short ribs" were luke warm, and more like braised beef chunks in beef stock. They warmed it up, and took all of our drinks off the bill because of the wait, but the waitress seemed to be giving away food right and left to compensate for long waits. they don't seem to have their act together, even though they have been open for a while.

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                  I went there a few days after it opened and it was exactly the same. Plus it was confusing.

                2. We went there for the first time last week. Both the service and the food were pretty bad. The food took almost an hour to come. My kids were STARVING, but thank goodness they didn't have any embarassing meltdowns. (This place is supposed to be kid-friendly, but I don't know why. You don't make kids wait an f*%#ing hour for food.) Anyway, to talk about the food, which is what you hounds want to hear: The spicy-shrimp thing I ordered was really bland -- a huge blob of flavorless polenta, with a few not-very-spicy shrimp on top. I don't even remember what else we got -- nothing memorable.

                  Mostly, the bad service bothered me. The waitress utterly refused to make eye contact. I had to keep getting up to ask when the food was coming, to get more water, to get more napkins, to ask for the bill, etc. All four of us agreed never to go there again.

                  1. i went there once. the girl at the counter actually couldn't figure out how to count out change. eek.

                    1. Service is AWFUL! Food is okay, not enough of it, but the service there really makes it difficult to recommend it to anyone.

                      I walked in with two children, ordered brunch and not once was it mentioned that a kid's menu is available. It's on the back page of the menu in very small letters to ask your waiter. If I could grab her attention I would have. I did ask her if I could have some more coffee, please - I got no response, so of course, I repeat myself only to have her abruptly tell me she heard me and would get when she had a moment. She never once offered the kid's menu to us when we ordered we only spotted it on the back when we asked for the menu again because we were still hungry. Yes, we were still hungry. I will not go back.

                      Kid friendly - whatever. theBKdiner.com

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                          Your kids didn't miss much. This is one of the few restaurants that can make kiddie food inedible. Their mac and cheese was regular pasta topped with a melted cheese concoction, so the whole thing was a gooey (in a bad way!) mess. The buttered noodles were undercooked and flavorless, even for buttered noodles. My husband's shrimp and grits were almost inedible. The only saving grace was my fried chicken, which was excellent, but I was only given a tiny portion, which all 4 of us ended up splitting. I agree that the service was ridiculously bad. I am not sure why the place is so popular with the stroller set here, but we are never going back either.