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Jan 9, 2006 11:53 PM


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There's a newish place on 5th Ave in Brooklyn called Perch. I've been a few times. It's a nice looking place, a sort of modern diner, based on the menu. A couple of weekday visits made me like the place, but a weekend visit was an absolute horror.
It's one of those places where you order at the counter, and they give you a number. But there's no way for them to see your number unless they go around to every table and look at it. Peoples' drink orders get confused with regularity, orders come out at different times, etc.
The owners and staff are very friendly -- hopefully they'll work out the kinks. I've tried various menu items including huevos rancheros, mott st sandwich, and cobb salad. All are solid, not amazing.
Overall, I'd say it's a great place to hang and read on an off hour.
Anyone else been?

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  1. Passed by the place a few times recently, wondering what the deal was and whether PS really needed another restaurant.

    This morning's Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn (OTBKB) did a feature on Perch. Sounds like the deal is that it is a family (read: child) friendly place. Well, as a parent of teenaged kids who'd rather die than share a meal with their parents, I'll pass this one by.

    Link to OTBKB below.

    Link: http://onlytheblogknowsbrooklyn.typep...

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      Ellis Aponte Jr.

      Had the Mott St. sandwich there (salami-capicolla-provolone): not bad, but like another poster said, just a little sandwich on a plate & nothing with it. And not particularly cheap. Lots of kids playing... No wonder, that modern Scandanavian design looks suspiciously like a childrens' playroom. I had a nice waitress, for what it's worth.

    2. Thanks for the tip Peter, and welcome back.

      1. i was there today and on sat. on sat. i stopped in for a latte. all tables were busy - no kids up front...all couples. ordered at the counter...the cashier didn't know how to make proper change. eek.
        went today - and sat down at a table up front thinking there was waiter service. (there is nothing to tell you otherwise.) after a while, a staffer walks by and says: did you get your food? i said: i didn't even get a menu. she said - as she walked away - oh, you have to order at the counter. ohhhhhhhhhhkay. so i did.
        when she brought it, i asked if they had wifi. yes. she finally brought over the code (i never did get it to work properly.) i told her i couldn't connect and was there someone to help. her response: the owner is sitting in the back and you can see her if you want to. i said: can you ask her to come over here? she said: but she's sitting in the back. kiss of death to me. i'm a customer. she's staff. help the customer. in fact, the owner did come over and she's charming and they are hoping it all goes well...said she's not been in this business before. it's a decently likeable stop-in place husband had a pressed rubin (sp?) but no garnish on the plate. just plunk, the sandwich. he said it was fine. nothing special but fresh. my latte was good but i hate the tall cups.

        1. I live right around the corner ( anyone want to buy a brownstone?!?!?)so I was really happy to see this place come in- but...
          as someone else said, weekdays are do-able, weekends are a disaster.
          They have really good lattes during the week, the one I got on Sunday took forever and was completely undrinkable.
          I have not eaten the food, but my daughter got a smoked salmon egg dish that looked like airline food. My dh liked the meatloaf sandwich, but would not order it again.
          Woman at the table next to us got a sandwich that had mayo on it. She told the server that she was allergic to mayo, and in a million years it never would have occured to her to mention it, cause it was not listed as an ingredient and she has never seen that kind of a sandwich with mayo before. They gave her one without mayo in a flash.

          1. Saw this place on Mon, Jan 2 and stopped in for brunch on a whim. We were super confused by the ordering process (counter service only). I am not sure I like the hybrid coffee place/restaurant idea. I don't mind counter service at Tea Lounge but somehow nothing clicked for me here. I had a pot of tea and had to keep getting up for milk. We were unsure about tipping since we had tipped at the counter but then had the waitress deliver our food. These are just picky things but we never felt comfortable for some reason. As for food thoughts, I had the granola and yogurt special with fruit and they forgot the fruit. They fixed when asked but again it required a trip to the counter. It was fine. Husband had egg and cheese sandwich. Very tasty with good cheese. As for beverages, his latte was terrible and overpriced at $4. My pot of tea was $4.50 - and not large enough to justify the cost.