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Jan 8, 2006 12:39 PM

Henry's End

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I've wanted to try this place for some time. Wanted to know, would this make a good date place-- what is it like inside? Please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. Depends on the kind of date. If you want a sedate, quiet place to gaze into each others eyes and speak only to each other, this wont be it. However, it's an informal, friendly place that will definitely take the pressure off every little move and keep you both smiling. The staff are outgoing, you can get tastes of wine before deciding and the food is varied enough to please all. But its noisy and bustling. And doesnt take reservations for 2.

    1. I agree with Steve R's reply. If you're looking for a more traditional date place, try Noodle Pudding, a couple of doors down from Henry's End. Excellent Italian food, great vibe, always crowded. They don't take reservations or credit cards.

      1. Both HENRY'S END and NOODLE PUDDING have wonderful food. They are both crowded, cramped and noisy. Neither takes reservations for two, so there can often be a long wait.

        I wouldn't recommend them for a first date, or if you want an intimate, conversation friendly ambiance.

        You might try FIVE FRONT STREET in DUMBO which has good food.. try the pre-fixe mid week special, and a calmer atmosphere.

        1. I used to live in Brookly Heights and liked Henry's End. Nice sort of local place. Not for a first date. Atmospher is wrong and also they are known for their wild game menue. This can be hard on the digestive system. I remember one time after having the elk it took its revenge on me. I would eat him again but not on first date. What about Girmaldis under B Bridge? Very Casual, Unpretentions, and then head to a fun bar for drinks.

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            What are the portions like at Henry's End? For the game festival? and also for the regular dinner menu?

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              the portions are pretty big. and all entrees come with a side salad, which i usually forget about and end up ordering a salad as an appetizer. but the desserts are so good that you have to make room for them anyway.

              1. re: dahl01

                You need not remember any longer. The free salad is history.

          2. The portions at HENRY'S END are generous. Th eoutstanding dishes are many, Fried Chicken, Chicken with Pear and Blue Cheese, Steak au Poivre, to name a few.

            They have decided to no longer offer a salad with dinner. It was that or raise their prices. Part of the reason was that most people don't even touch their salad.

            I think they made the right decision.