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Dec 26, 2005 09:39 AM

Waterstreet Restaurant and Lounge

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Greetings! I need some feedback on a Dumbo restaurant called Waterstreet Restaurant and Lounge---obviously on Water street. They advertise that they have party rooms and their website looks quite interesting. I need to know about the food. I have looked and looked for party rooms in that area and they are few and far between for a party of 60. I have tentatively reserved Petes downtown ,but I am having second thoughts. Most think the food is just so-so. Thanks!

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  1. Water Street has pretty run of the mill food. I eat there for lunch occasionally - service is horrible, but there's such a scarcity of decent places to go in Dumbo that sometimes you must resort to Water Street just to get some variety. I'd probably go to Pete's instead...

    1. I ate there a couple of times two years ago and returned there (reluctantly) last weekend. What a change!! I told my server (Aleza sp?) that I had eaten the fish and chips there and it was just average. She informed me that it was removed from the menu. I felt a little better at that point. My friend and I had oysters, appetizers and entrees. The food could not have been better. I had the crispy polenta with portobello mushrooms. It was excellent. For entrees, my friend had the blackened tilapia with mashed and spinach. I had the sea scallops with brocolli rabe. I would go back anytime I'm in DUMBO and our server could not have been more attentive. She was a delight. Congratulations to all.


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        great to see they've improved in the 4 years since the OP.

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          Hey there,
          I sometimes cannot believe that some of these folks and myself ate at the same location. Maybe there's another Water Restaurant but I am telling you that our food and service were fantastic. I'm baffled by some of these comments.

      2. It is revolting. I went for the first time last Monday -- we had a cheeseburger, veggie burger, and the blackened grouper and all were vile. I am not exaggerating. The fish was bad/off. The burger was insipid. I don't expect much from a veggie burger, but my cousin tells me it was equally flat. We had a side of asparagus and -- this is true -- there were 5 spears in total...and it cost $6. We sent it back. My wife had previously panned this place a year ago and dissuaded me from trying it. I finally caved and I am sorry I didn't heed her advice. I really thought it was the pits. Consider Superfine or reBar if you must entertain in DUMBO.

        1. It's terrible...really.

          Henry street has several better options. Noodle Pudding for example.

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            What a shame! The location and surroundings are so spectacular.
            If only they got their act together..