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Dec 23, 2005 09:33 AM

Awesome Jerk!!!!!

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Hey Hounds...

I've got to give props to Joyce's, a West Indian spot in Brooklyn just east of Utica Ave. on Avenue D. I don't think there has been a mention of them in various threads on jerk and Jamaican in general, but I have found their food (especially the jerk chicken) to be of superior quality. The jerk is well charred, extremely flavorful and hits just the right degree of heat (with some sliced habeneros lurking about for those who want an espresso shot of spice!!! As an added bonus, the service is always extremely efficient and polite. I've also had the oxtail, curried goat, chicken soup, and gungo and peas, all delish. If anyone on this board has been to Joyce's , I'd love to know what you think. If not, I'd say it's worth a special trip if you've got a hankering for some amazing jerk chicken

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  1. Thanks for the tip - always good to know about. Do they cook their stuff in one of those oil-drum things?

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    1. re: JackS

      Hey Jack...

      Not sure whether they use the oil drum...all the cooking is done behind closed doors.....but the results speak for themselves. Hope u get a chance to try it soon!!

    2. wanna try, but wondering whether veggie wife will have what to eat. Bring her or go alone?

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      1. re: mn

        I never ate there but in general Jamaican places have vegeterian items.

      2. bumping this one....need to show Joyce's some more love

        1. OT: but everytime I see that topic "AWESOME JERK!!!" I want to respond with "GORGEOUS SONOFABITCH!!"

          ON Topic: Do you have the names addresses of some of these oil-drum Canarsie Jerk places?

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          1. re: Monkey Man Jake

            Badoo's in East Flatbush used to have oil drums outside. I havent been there in years but it used to be quite good... and fun. It looks like a little shack.


            A few years later, the Times interviewed Badoo's owner about her views on a proposed law against steel drum cooking: "Lulu (Mama) Pitterson was apoplectic. ''They're going to have to lock me up every week,'' she shouted, her voice ricocheting off the walls of her tiny restaurant, Badoo's International, on Church Avenue. ''I'll still do my chicken.'' "

          2. Does anyone know of any places that serve jerk sausages?